Winter storm warning + winter weather warning

The National Meteorological Service published a Winter storm warning for the northern half of Minnesota, and a winter weather advisory for the southern half of the state in effect from this afternoon through Monday morning.

the Winter storm warning includes Kanabec, Mille Lacs, Morrison and Todd counties (and areas to the north) where 5 to 7 inches of snow is expected, as well as wind gusts of up to 35 mph.

the Winter weather advisory includes Benton, Sherburne, Stearns and Wright counties (and areas to the south) where 4-6 inches of snow is expected, as well as winds of up to 40 mph.

Expect slippery road conditions. Uneven blowing snow could significantly reduce visibility. The dangerous conditions could have an impact on the Monday morning trip.

The latest road conditions for Minnesota can be obtained by calling 511. Road conditions can also be viewed at

Another round of plow snow is scheduled for Tuesday.

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