Why is Strike’s bitcoin lighting integration with Shopify important?

In the ongoing “world’s largest bitcoin event”, among other big mini-events and announcements, Strike appears to be making new “strikes”

More and more companies are approaching the Lightning Bitcoin network, Strike, for mass adoption, especially during the Bitcoin Miami 2022 conference. The recent announcement of the BTC network-based digital payment platform said that the platform would integrate with multinational e-commerce company Shopify and partner with payments company Blackhawk and the world’s largest point-of-sale provider, NCR.

Strike Founder and CEO Jack Mallers said the platform is proud to partner with e-commerce platform Shopify. They would serve merchants to provide them with a cheaper and faster way to accept US dollar payments using blockchain technology from the bitcoin network. He also said that the Lighting Network is a global payment network based on the Bitcoin network that works on reducing transaction costs, maximizing speed, bringing more innovation, helping to improve financial inclusion and offering more choice for consumers and merchants.

The integration is seen as a fast and cheap service that would serve as an alternative to the traditional payment system, which would bring many benefits to the consumer chain. The facility would be available anywhere in the world for anyone and have a Lighting Network portfolio.

The Canadian multinational e-commerce platform, Shopify, has already supported crypto, accepts crypto payments and added merchant support for NFTs. Shopify merchants use Coinbase Commerce, Bitpay, and CoinPayments.Net as platforms to accept many cryptocurrencies on their stores. However, the integration of Bitcoin Lightning Network would not bring new opportunities and open new doors for them.

At the same time, NCR offers a wide range of payment solutions, which means the Lighting Network can now be used by consumers to pay for restaurants, retail, groceries, and more.

The CEO of Strike has also previously stated that with Bitcoin’s monetary network, the entire financial system will be much faster, cheaper, more innovative and more inclusive.

These great partnerships and integrations have helped make the BTC payment network more accessible to more people. Payment service provider Strike App has benefited greatly from El Salvador’s bitcoin initiative. The flagship cryptocurrency gained and saw positive consequences when the country adopted it as legal tender.

However, it is possible that the cryptocurrency will be much more successful in relation to acceptance in El Salvador, since the trading space is very large compared to the Latin American country, and this implies higher levels of adoption. students.

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