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The Micro and Small Enterprise Credit Guarantee Trust Fund (CGTMSE) has a number of ongoing technological upgrading programs. With an annual turnover of around 2000 crore, the credit provider serves MSMEs, BFSIs and NBFCs.

According to Harish Gupta, Head-IT, CGTMSE, the organization’s first priority is to move its on-premises cloud applications to cloud infrastructure. CGTMSE adopts application architectures based on microservices to consolidate all of its business applications.

Previously, CGTMSE had an on-premise IT setup – a shared data center in a colocation model. This has limited the organization’s ability to scale as well as manage on-demand IT infrastructure or platforms.

“As a result, we have not been able to effectively manage peak loads. It also restricted our ability to integrate with third party platforms. Plus, we couldn’t even go for SaaS / cloud-based services / platforms, ”Gupta said.

This is why the company decided to move to the cloud. Since the migration, a number of benefits have been achieved, such as the pay-as-you-go feature, the ability to scale workloads on demand, etc.

“Most importantly, it has allowed us to accelerate our innovation cycles and take advantage of new features such as API integrations and micro-service-based architecture, among others,” he said. he adds.

The migration process

According to Gupta, with hands-on assistance from the Oracle cloud engineering team and the Path Infotech team (implementation partner), the CGTMSE migration experience was smoother. “Their support on middleware, DBA and application performance testing, as well as RTO in exercise DR, has been commendable. “

With Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, the business is able to innovate faster and better, in 50% less time than before. A 25 percent improvement was also seen in transaction cycle times.

“The migration time of our applications has increased considerably, which allows us to focus more on our core business, while helping us to save significant costs, as we now have an OPEX model for IT,” said Gupta said.

With the migration to the cloud, CGTMSE also benefited from a 30-40% initial cost reduction compared to its previous on-premise IT setup.

Modernize other business processes

In the short term, the organization plans to migrate traditional accounting and HR systems to SaaS, i.e. subscribe to a cloud-based ERP solution. The process of moving from the monolithic application architecture to a more modern, container-based micro-services architecture has also been initiated.

“Business Intelligence and Mobility are at the heart of the concerns this year. One of our main data management goals is to reduce manual data entry by at least 50% this year, so we facilitate API-based integrations for hassle-free data exchange with banks and other branches. ”Gupta said.

Customer onboarding and the service part of the transaction journey are fully digital. The company’s warranty management system (GMS) as well as the core business application will be based on a micro-services-based architecture and will include a mobility solution, a BI solution and API-based integrations with CBS .

“We are in the process of fully automating our receivables and payables processes with host-to-host API integration with our major banks. We are also exploring a solution for API service management, ”Gupta said.

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