The increasingly popular Croatian sparkling wines most sought after in Germany

December 31, 2021 – Croatian wines are extremely popular around the world and it’s not really new, but what about Croatian sparkling wines? It seems that the Germans have a real taste for it, much of it being exported there.

As Poslovni Dnevnik / Marta Duic writes, according to the Croatian Chamber of Commerce (HGK), in the first nine months of this year, Croatian winemakers exported 403 hectoliters of sparkling wine worth 870,000 euros.

The main wine markets were Germany, where 122 hectoliters worth € 471,017 went, followed by the Netherlands, then neighboring Bosnia-Herzegovina and Slovenia. A year earlier, when evaluating the first nine months, exports were slightly higher, totaling 457 hl for a massive amount of 1,173,292 euros.

Growing demand…

Belje winery is aware that Croatian sparkling wines are an important export asset, and this week this winery launched a premium sparkling white wine – La Belle Grand. As they say from there, their new sparkling wine is a brut style wine, which is one of the most sought after in the world, and is characterized by “beautiful pearls” of many small bubbles.

“This summer, we installed a new line and new equipment for bottling Croatian sparkling wines in our cellar at extremely short notice, in order to expand our range and meet the growing market demands for this category of wine. wine. La Belle Grand is our first sparkling wine made only for the holiday season this year. With him, we are celebrating the end of the year when we won 52 medals, ” emphasizes Marijan Knezevic, responsible for wine development at Vina Belje. Another new brand on the market is Slavonian Enosophia from Fericani.

“In the first year of Enosophia’s existence, we have achieved very good results. Although we have only been on the market since July, we have distributed nearly 16,000 bottles of sparkling wines. For next year, we plan to produce and distribute a total of 77,000 bottles of sparkling wines, Nice to see you, Today Blance and Today rose. Enosophia is a brand that focuses on the combination of innovative technologies and traditions in the development of new flavors. We create light and modern Croatian sparkling wines, produced using the Charmat method and following market requirements, ” explained Martin Kovacevic, head oenologist of the Enosophia winery. Their Nice to See You sparkling wine is a combination of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, and Today blanc is made from the much loved and well-known Croatian variety Grasevina.

“We are currently present in 50 points of sale, that is to say in restaurants and other catering and hospitality establishments. In the first year, we mainly focused on presenting the brand here in the Croatian market, but despite this we have already achieved positive results in terms of exports. Enosophia was launched in the Japanese market with the sparkling wine called Nice to See You and we hope this trend continues in the future. Our Croatian sparkling wines under the Feravino brand have also found their fans in many European countries, such as Belgium, the Netherlands, Switzerland and countries in the nearest region, ” Kovacevic added.

As he explained, their Today white sparkling wine is primarily intended for retail sale, while in the HoReCa channel it is marketed as a “welcome wine” or as a wine for making cocktails. Nice too see you is also available through the HoReCa channel, but can also be purchased through the Enosophia brand website. “As for our plans for 2022, we plan to present the second Today – Today rose, which will be produced from the Frankovka grape, which is the most represented in our vineyards,” revealed Kovacevic.

Novi Vinodolski’s Pavlomir wine house also has some export assets to its credit, producing four top-class Croatian sparkling wines, an impressive 15,000 bottles per year.

For more information, see Made in Croatia.

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