The city has planted 457 trees in the past 3 years

Continue to implement a long-term plan to replenish the street tree canopy

As the tree planting on this year’s fall streets comes to a close, city public works have provided an update on the tree management plan.

One of the main goals is to rebuild the canopy of street trees up to 1980 levels. This requires an increase of 2,000 public street trees from its 2018 inventory.

A 20-year timeline has been set to achieve this goal, i.e. a net gain of 100 new street trees per year. Over the past three years, the city has exceeded that commitment, with a net gain of 457 new street trees planted, the city said in a Dec. 14 press release.

“DPW’s tree division has gone the extra mile this year and planted over 400 trees to make up for lost tree planting opportunities due to the pandemic,” said Michael Rademacher, director of public works. “In addition to the efforts made by the tree teams, we have noticed a decrease in tree cutting, which gives us a bit of a head start on the reconstruction of the canopy of the streets. However, part of this may also be due to the crews focusing on planting additional trees. ”

Since 2019, the Tree Division has planted 955 trees and felled 495 trees.

“We are delighted with the progress made in putting more trees on the streets,” said Tim Lecuivre, Arlington Tree Guard. “Every year is different, but the Tree Division remains committed to increasing the tree canopy in the city streets for the benefit of all. ”

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