Tajikistan Market Situation Update, No. 44 (September 5 – 11, 2022) – Tajikistan

  • Compared to last week, prices of major food items such as wheat flour, vegetable oil and sugar overall fell by 1-4% due to increased imports from foreign countries and the current wheat harvest. Falling mutton and chicken meat prices were also reported in many monitored markets, in the range of 1-6%.

  • Due to seasonal factors, prices for potatoes, onions, carrots and other vegetables rose in some of the monitored markets and fell in others. Only onion prices continued to fall in 5 markets and remained the same in 10 other markets.

  • Compared to August 2022 average retail prices, prices for most food products remained stable. Prices of major food items such as wheat flour, vegetable oil and sugar are 4% lower overall. Potato and onion prices are also 17% and 26% lower than last month.

  • A drop in petrol prices was reported in Bokhtar, Hisor, Ishkoshim, Kulob and Rasht markets by 1%, while it increased by 10% in Qubodiyon market and remained the same in 9 others markets. While diesel prices decreased by 1-4% in Istaravshan, Khorog, Kulob, Kushoniyon and Panjakent markets, they increased by 4% in Ishkoshim market and remained unchanged in 9 other markets.

  • Compared to last week, hired labor rates remained stable in the majority of markets and only skilled worker wage rates decreased by 7-8% in Hisor and Isfara markets .

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