Summer upgrades at Hannibal schools

HANNIBAL, Mo (WGEM) – While the children are away from school, the Hannibal School District is making some improvements, so that there is a better environment for the students when they return in the fall.

There are several projects on the list, including resurfacing and repainting parking lots, new turf for the soccer field, and replacing the HVAC units at the Patch Center and elementary school.

Business manager Rich Stilley said the heating and air conditioning in these two buildings is outdated, so it’s time to fix the issue.

“Until last year our college wasn’t even air conditioned, so we finished this last year,” Stilley said. “But it goes back and we make sure we don’t have run down and outdated equipment that we can’t find parts for.”

The HVAC project is funded by COVID relief funds.

The other projects come out of the school budget.

The district is in the process of moving all of its servers to the board office and installing a generator there so they can remain operational during a power outage.

Stilley said this should eliminate the headaches they have experienced in the past.

“In 2013, right before graduation, we had what I think the weather service called straight-line winds, but it looked more like a tornado to me,” Stilley said. “We lost electricity everywhere and we weren’t sure we were going to be able to graduate, get finals, so that would allow us to bring people in and import grades and know where we were.

Most of the work is expected to be completed when the kids return to school on August 25.

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