School board approves girls’ struggle and table music trip

Girl wrestling was approved for Horace Good and Kenneth Henderson Colleges for the 2021-2022 school year at the regular Education Council meeting at $ 457 on Monday.

The topic was approved after being tabled at the Council meeting on April 26.

In 2020, the Middle School Western Athletic Conference, the league to which the schools in Garden City belong, voted to create its own wrestling program for college girls.

At the April 26 meeting, Matt Bayer, associate principal of Kenneth Henderson Middle School and special assignment professor of athletics and activities, said that Kenneth Henderson and Horace Good were the only two colleges not to have joined the MSWAC for the girls wrestling this year because they could still compete in the boys wrestling season, but this year they have to join the league so the girls can participate.

“KSHAA separates the boys ‘wrestling and the girls’ wrestling so we really don’t have a choice,” he said. “If we want the girls to fight next year, they have to be separated and not joined.”

The program will run the same as the boys wrestling program and will use the same facilities, but there are costs to add to the program, such as hiring coaches and purchasing uniforms.

It will cost approximately $ 4,596.02 for each school to hire a head coach and an assistant coach.

The uniforms will cost approximately $ 2,565 at Horace Good and $ 2,112.50 at Kenneth Henderson. Uniforms are not an additional cost as they will be included in the current operating budget of each school.

In addition, $ 500 would be needed for each school for the program. $ 500 is budgeted each year for boys’ programs, so the extra $ 500 in each school’s budget would give girls the same funds without having to cut funds from another program.

In other cases, the board listened to a travel request from the Performing Arts Department of Garden City High School in Orlando, Fla., For band, orchestra, choir and theater members. from GCHS perform at Disney Magic Music Days at Walt Disney World.

The trip has always been made once every four years. This would be GCHS’s second time at Disney World.

The estimated cost of the trip is $ 1,675 per student, with approximately 250 students, for a total cost of approximately $ 418,750. No district funds would be allocated for the trip, everything would have to be collected and / or paid for by the participants.

Lyle Sobba, group director, said every program that has decided to participate has already identified ways they plan to organize fundraisers to help cover the cost of the trip for students who choose to go. .

In the past, students have been able to fundraise the entire trip, Sobba said.

“Over the past few years we have had students who came and didn’t fundraise until the year of the trip and raised funds for the full cost of the trip. It depends on the opportunities and whether the students really want to push each other and make it happen, ”he said. “We also had students who chose to do very little fundraising and just paid for the trip on their own. Every year I have a student that comes in and says I want to go, I have a job, help me plan for it. So we sit down and help create a plan for them. “

Steve Karlin, $ 457 superintendent, said he and GCHS director Steve Nordby had concerns about getting the trip approved because of the cost.

“We totally support the idea that our performing arts children have the opportunity to travel … but our concern is actually mainly (the cost),” he said.

The board tabled a decision until the next board meeting on June 7.

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