RPA Develops Custom Investment Solutions for Alameda County DC Plans

Chicago, IL, April 07, 2022 — (PR.com) — Alameda County, California has retained Retirement Plan Advisors, LLC (RPA) to design and implement custom investment solutions for his defined contribution 401(a) and 457(b) deferred compensation pension plans.

Although off-the-shelf target date funds (TDFs) provide a reasonable asset allocation for the average plan member, most plan members are not “average”. Each individual has unique circumstances, especially as they approach retirement.

Together, the county and RPA conducted an in-depth income replacement study for all county employees, identifying overall retirement readiness, individual income gaps, and at-risk employee segments. Using the data findings, RPA built three custom investment solutions designed specifically for county employees — not the average American worker. Personalized investment solutions reflect, for example, the actual retirement age and related benefits of county employees.

“Financial markets are volatile and uncertain, and behavioral science shows that investors don’t manage their assets well on their own,” said RPA President Josh Schwartz. At the same time, the investment solutions of the “do it for me” plan must reflect the real situation of the participants. Alameda County’s commitment to retirement readiness and implementing personalized investment solutions gives it a head start in improving employee retirement outcomes. »

Per Alameda County Treasurer-Tax Collector Henry “Hank” Levy: “We are pleased to partner with RPA, our plan consultant and investment advisor, in implementing personalized investment solutions for our employees. American workers are facing a retirement crisis, and the average is not good enough. It is up to employers to find and provide better retirement solutions.

About Pension Advisors (RPAs)
RPA is an independent, federally registered investment advisor specializing in providing personalized investment solutions to public sector pension plans, helping their employees retire better. The firm provides plan and member investment advice and fiduciary services to employers of all sizes. Today, RPA proudly serves more than 520 public sector employers with over 74,000 plan members and over $6 billion in assets under advisement.

About Alameda County, California
Established in 1853, Alameda County is the seventh most populous county in California and has 14 incorporated cities and several unincorporated communities. The county currently has 9,400 employees and over $1 billion in defined contribution plan assets. Oakland is the seat of county government and the largest city.

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