PSC Approves Company Plan to Recoup Nebraska Gas Costs Following Cold Snap | Local government

The $ 80 million Black Hills spent in just one week on gas to serve its more than 300,000 Nebraska customers was more than six times the amount it had spent for the entire month of February.

Under the law, Black Hills and Northwestern, the only two natural gas companies regulated by the PSC, are allowed to recover the actual costs of the natural gas they supply to customers. However, the commission asked them not to add them to the bills right away and to come up with a plan to seek reimbursement over time to mitigate the effects on taxpayers.

While the two companies supply natural gas to much of the state, many people obtain their natural gas service from municipal suppliers, ranging from the Metropolitan Utilities District of Omaha, which serves more than 200,000 customers, to suppliers. small towns that have a few hundred customers.

Many of these suppliers faced the same astronomical increases in costs to purchase natural gas during the cold snap, but lacked the financial means to defer reimbursement.

This meant that customers in some communities were receiving monthly bills several hundred dollars more than usual.

On Thursday, the Nebraska legislature voted 40-7 to pass LB131, a bill that sets aside $ 4 million in emergency grants for small towns and villages hit hard by the February cold snap.

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