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KARACHI: The Karachi Port Trust handled 57,195 tonnes of cargo comprising 28,225 tonnes of imported cargo and 28,970 tonnes of exported cargo in the last 24 hours ending at 07:00.

The total import cargo of 28,225 included 20,740 tons of containerized cargo, 2,522 tons of chickpeas and 4,963 tons of urea.

The total export of 28,970 includes 11,149 tons of container cargo, 471 tons of bulk cargo, 14,250 tons of Clinkers and 3,100 tons of oil and liquid cargo.

Nearly 2,210 containers including 1,497 import containers and 374 export containers were handled on Tuesday.

The breakdown of imported containers shows 401 of 20 and 548 of 40 loaded while 00 of 20 and 00 of 40 empty containers, while that of exported containers shows 295 of 20 and 51 of 40 loaded while 00 of 20 and 173 of 40 empty containers were handled during business hours.

Some 03 vessels namely, Pvt Sunrise, Seamax Westport and Cape Fulmar docked at Karachi port.

About 03 ships namely SSL Brahmaputra, Diyala and Uranus left the Port of Karachi.


A total of 09 ships have been committed to the PQA berths in the past 24 hours, including a container ship ‘MSC Elaine’ left port on Tuesday morning, while 03 other ships, IVY Alliance, Lisa and Meltemi should sail today in the afternoon.

A cargo volume of 129,203 tonnes, comprising 110,820 tonnes of imported cargo and 18,383 tonnes of exported cargo, including containerized cargo transported in 2,860` containers (1,840 TEUs import and 1,020 TEUs outbound). export) has been processed at the port within the last 24 hours.

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