Paul Fokken, Maneuvering 401(k) Plans to Optimize Retirement, interviewed on Influential Entrepreneurs Podcast

Paul Fokken explains how individual employees can get help optimizing their own 401(k/403(b)/457/TSP plan by having their account rebalanced every 90 days by a licensed independent investment trustee.

Listen to the interview on the Business Innovators Radio Network:

Interview with Paul Fokken-Maneuvering 401(k) Plans to Optimize Retirement

Questions covered in this interview include:

  • What is Personalized Professional Account Management (PPAM)?
  • Explain what’s buzzing about managed 401(k) accounts today.
  • Why do we believe PPAM is the highest level of advice employees can receive?
  • How can the 401(k) maneuver help employees strengthen or optimize their existing 401(k) plan?
  • Can any employee with a 401(k) enroll in 401(k) Maneuver?
  • Can getting help with 401(k) really make a difference?

Paul explained that, “Our goal is to increase your account performance over time, while managing downside risk to minimize losses and reduce your fees that hurt account performance.”

Once enrolled as a member of our 401(k) Maneuver Nation, your account will be professionally managed for you based on your personal risk tolerance, current market conditions and the menu of investment choices made available. by your employer.

401(k) Maneuver is not a robo-advisor. Your retirement account is managed by a licensed independent trustee who is bound to put the interests of every employee first! First of all, before any brokerage firm, investment provider and company providing investment representatives.

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About Paul Fokken

Paul Fokken helps employees and employers with a 401(k) by offering every employee the opportunity to PMAP by enrolling in 401(k) Maneuver. It also helps companies delegate virtually all of their business and personal 401(k) plan risks to other third parties and helps reduce plan liabilities.

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