Pakistani province announces participation in Expo 2020 with the launch of #PunjabEase


People visit the Pakistan pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai.

Jamil Khan, Senior reporter

The government of the Pakistani Punjab, under the patronage of Punjab Chief Minister Sardar Usman Buzdar, is set to showcase the best of the province at the world’s biggest mega-event, Dubai Expo 2020, with the launch of # PunjabEase.

An initiative of the Chief Minister of the Punjab and his team of the Punjab Board of Investment and Trade [PBIT], #PunjabEase aims to showcase the incredible multi-layered potential and “ease of doing business” in one of the world’s most exciting regions.

During a press conference hosted by Mian Muhammad Aslam Iqbal, Minister of Industry, Trade, Investment and Skills Development, to officially announce Punjab’s participation in the Dubai Expo 2020 global mega-event, with the launch of #PunjabEase.

Highlighting cultural diversity, thriving industries and new business investment opportunities for the global community, #PunjabEase invites the world to discover the province’s wealth in business, tourism, cultural heritage, technological innovations. , as well as its natural landscape, traditional ceremonial practices and historical significance at the Pakistan pavilion at Dubai Expo 2020.

#PunjabEase at Pakistan Pavilion will showcase the province’s history, natural beauty, multiculturalism, hospitality, contemporary entertainment and emerging modernity through a series of seminars, concerts, art installations and performances by various departments of the government of Punjab.

Usman Buzdar will also visit the Pakistan pavilion with a business delegation from Punjab to meet the Pakistani expatriate business community as well as investors from the Gulf region and participating countries, further hosting an international business conference among other activities.

Indeed, PBIT paves the way for the province’s participation in this prestigious event. PBIT’s advanced team recently traveled to Dubai, in contact with investors and the Diaspora to set the tone for upcoming activities.

During the visit, Dr Iqbal and his team also met senior members of Pakistan Association Dubai, Pakistan Business Council Dubai, members of the Pakistani diaspora from financial, real estate, construction and various other industries. , informing them of investment opportunities in Punjab. and essential participation in the economic development of Punjab, Pakistan.

Meanwhile, an industry linked to the aerospace sector that employs 23,500 workers, 3,000 researchers, ten major research institutes, 5 billion in revenues and 2 billion in exports: this is the system that Regione Lazio, the region that in Rome for capital, presented in Dubai on Friday at an event involving the most important Italian industries of the aerospace sector.

A unique system in the country, very innovative and well connected, which ranges from environmental monitoring to precision agriculture, from natural emergency management to the protection of strategic infrastructures and telehealth. There are many solutions aimed at improving the living conditions on our planet, which are granted by the Regione Lazio, the Italian region that houses a complete production chain in the sector of the aerospace industry, which adopts an innovative model to interpret the great technological adventure.

All these elements were presented at the “Forum Lazio Space Region. From Colleferro Space Capital 2022, the new challenges of the space economy ”with the participation of representatives of the Regione Lazio and some of the most important companies in the aerospace and economic sectors, such as Leonardo, Avio and Thales Alenia Space Italia. The event was organized by Lazio Innova, the innovation agency of Lazio (the Italian region whose capital is Rome), which is present at Expo 2020 Dubai with a whole series of events that will be held until next march.

The meeting, of an international nature, began with the presentation of “Colleferro City of Space 2022”, since the city will assume the presidency of the Community of Ariadne Cities (Cva), the European association of spatial cities founded in 1988, Next year.

The Forum retraced the history of the town of Colleferro which, while being characterized by an industrial vocation, continues to look to the future with a sustainable development approach, planned through an urban regeneration program and new opportunities for training to attract young talent.

The city is also a founding historic center and a bastion of the most important Italian aerospace industry, Avio, where the Vega launcher was born, an authentic Made in Italy masterpiece. During the presentation, issues related to the activity programs planned for this year under the Italian presidency were discussed, involving representatives of the Bordeaux metropolis, from which Colleferro will take over from the presidency at the end of 2021.

Lazio is the second Italian region in terms of gross domestic product (GDP) with 198 billion euros, contributing 11.2% of the Italian national GDP (2018 data) and its GDP per capita of around 33,600 euros, higher to the Italian and European average. In addition, Lazio is home to one of the most important research and development systems in Italy, since it is home to large industries and multinational groups with their own research and development centers. Lazio is also the Italian region with the highest level of specialization in manufacturing and services for high technology and knowledge intensive. Again, Lazio’s share of exports in major world sectors is double the national average (72 percent versus 32 percent).

“Aerospace in Lazio means security, development, research, quality employment, a future for young people. Our commitment is to promote this excellence of the territory and to make it more and more a crucial factor for the sustainable development of our cities and our economy. The new European funds program 2021-2027 gives us significant resources to confirm Lazio as world-class aerospace excellence. I also like to remind you that at the center of today’s meeting is the city of Colleferro, already a great reality of the regional industrial landscape, which in 2022 will play the important role of European capital of space ”, declares Nicola Zingaretti, President of Regione Lazio.

“The aerospace industry in Lazio is one of the driving sectors of regional economic development, thanks to the presence in the territory of a system of excellence made up of universities and research centers, and an entrepreneurial fabric in very high level of specialization capable of providing technologies and solutions in many areas of the economy, from agriculture to security including the automotive sector. It is a sector on which we are concentrating a lot and in which we will continue to invest, also thanks to the resources of the next Pnrr (Piano nazionale ripresa resilienza – National Plan for the Revival of Resilience), in order to contribute to scientific and technological progress and the development of a more sustainable economic model.


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