‘Outriders’ to kill legendary demo farm and raise rates elsewhere

Outriders just detailed an upcoming patch for the game that will arrive tomorrow and nerfed one of the most popular ways to cultivate Legendaries, leave another alone, and then add a whole new avenue.

Wait, so what’s going on?

In an effort to get people to kill things for loot, here’s what’s going on legendary patch of tomorrow (which will also address technical issues).

  • Legendaries will no longer drop from chests, killing the 3-5 chest races many players have done, which doesn’t require fighting any enemies.
  • They think the legendary drop rates on the enemies themselves are good, and they’ll be left alone, meaning the Captain Farm is still alive and well in the Terra Firma side mission.
  • They add a chance to get Legendary Drops at the end of repeated side missions, which didn’t seem to exist before.
  • Old Legendaries, they remove epic vendor items, which people used to cultivate by simply changing the date on their platforms to get updates from new vendors.

Is it good? Lame? What?

The chest thing I don’t really care about, as long as it’s only for the demo. I think the chests in the game itself should have a chance of getting you Legendaries, obviously, but I can see them maybe instituting some sort of timer so people can’t find even more of these chests there. or they only close that way and never fight for the best drops. People Can Fly are already learning how many tricks effective raiders have up their sleeves.

Captain Boss’s drop rate is currently extremely low, and he certainly doesn’t need to drop. I guess they thought that at least people were killing things to get that loot.

We’ll have to see how many chances of completing missions have for you to get Legendary for whether doing full missions or continuing to farm the captain is the best way forward here. I find it hard to believe that they would have terribly high drop rates for full missions, but we’ll have to see I guess, and I’ll start testing that tomorrow.

The Epic vendor stuff that I totally understand like clock shift farming was never going to be abandoned during the entire demo period.

Again, yes this is “just a demo” but valuable things like legendary level 3 mods can come in handy late in the game, which is why people are already farming.

There’s only a week left after the demo starts, but I’m not surprised to see them act quickly on this to avoid overuse, even though the drop rates have been extremely low, so I don’t think that it is a huge publish. Either way, we’ll see how things turn out when the patch arrives tomorrow.

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