NEW: Nevada’s COVID-19 test positivity rate drops to 5%, meeting WHO target

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) – Nevada’s COVID-19 test positivity rate has fallen to 5.0%, meeting the recommended target set by the World Health Organization, according to data released Monday.

The rate fell from 5.3% to 5.0% over the weekend, continuing a downward trend reported in the past month. The last time Nevada recorded a 5% test positivity rate was on April 11.

Nevada reported 542 new cases of COVID-19, most from Clark County (457), over the weekend. The total number of cases in Nevada is now 321,081. Clark County has a total of 248,793 people. It’s important to note that the state no longer updates the dashboard on weekends, which may explain why the Monday and Tuesday reports show higher case and death totals.

The Department of Health reports that more than 30% of Nevada’s population is now fully vaccinated, and more than 45% of those eligible have started to be vaccinated.

Nevada is reporting three additional COVID-19-related deaths, two in Clark County. Nevada’s most populous county now has 4,360 of the state’s 5,533 deaths. The 14-day moving average is two deaths per day.

According to the Department of Health and Human Services, 17,313 tests were performed over the weekend.

Clark County was removed from the Nevada County Report Card on Wednesday, March 3, after 20 consecutive weeks. It has been reported for the rate of cases since April 13 – 240 per 100,000 in the past 30 days. Testing (217 tests per day per 100,000) and test positive rate (5.1%) are within acceptable ranges for the state.

March 12 marked the first time in more than six months that no county has been reported in the tracker. A county is reported for high transmission of the disease if it meets two or three of the above criteria. In today’s report, the counties of Elko, Esmeralda, Lyon and Storey were reported.


The ‘vaccinations’ tab on the DHHS dashboard provides updates vaccination numbers every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Click here for see the dashboard. Be sure to click on the ‘vaccinations’ tab under the top ‘Current Status’ tab.

State health department reports 2,108,022 doses COVID-19 vaccine was administered in Nevada, to May 16. Of Nevada’s total doses, 1,643,404 were administered in Clark County, according to the Southern Nevada Health District’s daily dashboard update.

Over 36% of currently eligible Nevadans have completed their vaccinations.

Clark County Vaccine Overview, to May 12 (data provided weekly by the Southern Nevada Health District):

Pfizer-BioNTech 977 840
Moderna 561,132
Johnson & Johnson (single dose) – no longer on hiatus 63 108
Data provided by SNHD

To find out when and where you can expect to receive the COVID-19 vaccine, click HERE.

Below the Full report on COVID-19 for the weekend, May 14-16.


NOTE: The state does not update hospitalization data, including the number of patients in intensive care units or on ventilators, Sundays or vacation.

According to the state Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS), the number of hospital patients in Nevada was UP on Sunday.

The current number of hospitalizations is 313 confirmed / suspected cases.

More information from Nevada Hospital Association (as of May 12):

Nevada has effectively “flattened the curve” through the use of vaccines, according to the NHA.

“Hospitalizations and other parameters continue to fluctuate, however, no organized waves are forming,” according to the NHA weekly update.

The state set a record for hospital patients on Dec. 13 with 2,025 cases.

Top 5 Number of hospitalizations (statewide) Date reported
1 2,025 Dec 13
2 2,008 Dec 15
3 2,001 Dec 22
4 1,996 December 20, December 21
5 1 988 December 29
You can find this data on the Nevada DHHS coronavirus dashboard, under the “Trends – Hospitalizations” tab


There are 67 patients in intensive care units (ICUs) across the state, down three from Friday’s report.

The DHHS report showed 32 patients on ventilators, down from Friday’s report.

You can find this data under the “Current state – Hospitalizations” tab of the DHHS dashboard


There are now 321,081 confirmed cases and 5,533 COVID-19-related deaths in Nevada, with 542 new cases reported over the weekend.

Daily case totals have been below 1,000 since January 30. The state set a record for COVID-19 cases on January 6 with 3,402.

Here are the largest single-day increases in COVID-19 cases in Nevada:

Top 5 Number of COVID-19 cases (statewide) Date reported
1 3,402 January 6
2 3 194 Dec 4
3 3,159 24 november
4 3,063 Dec 8
5 2 988 Dec 22
You can find this data on the Nevada DHHS coronavirus dashboard, under the tab “Trends – Confirmed cases”

DHHS reports three new deaths related to COVID-19 statewide. The 14-day moving average of daily deaths is now two.

Nevada passed 5,000 dead on March 3.

“Please keep in mind that the death rates we are seeing correspond to cases diagnosed up to 5 weeks ago,” Nevada Health Response said in a press release.

A recent status update COVID-19 Daily Death Graph (DHHS dashboard Mortality Trends tab) shows the highest number of deaths – 48 on January 11, followed by 47 deaths on December 22.

The Nevada DHHS says it’s important to note that there is often a delay in reporting deaths. Cumulative daily death tolls are displayed by date of death, rather than the date the death was reported to the state. The statewide total death tally on the first tab may not equal to the sum of the daily cumulative death counts due to cases where the exact date of death is unknown or pending report.

Here is the highest number of COVID-19-related deaths recorded in a single day in Nevada:

Top 5 Number of deaths (statewide) Date reported
1 48 January 11
2 47 Dec 22
3 46 December 10, December 18
4 45 January 9, January 10
5 44 December 30, January 6, January 20
You can find this data on the Nevada DHHS Coronavirus Dashboard, under the “Trends – Deaths” tab

On Sunday, a total of 3,313,303 tests were conducted in Nevada, with an increase of 17,313 over the weekend.

The test’s positivity rate, reported on average over 14 days, is 5.0% on Sunday. The rate fell below 5% on March 20, but started rising steadily again on April 3 and is now above 5%.

The World Health Organization is warning governments that before reopening, positivity rates in tests must remain at 5% or less for at least 14 days.

* NOTE: Daily lab data from DHHS and SNHD reports is updated every morning previous day.

You can find this data under the “Current Status – Confirmed Cases” tab of the DHHS dashboard


Of Nevada’s 542 new COVID-19 cases, about 84% – 457 – were reported in Clark County over the weekend, according to data released by the Southern Nevada Health District (SNHD) Monday.

There are now a total of 4,360 deaths, 248,793 confirmed cases and 16,189 hospitalizations, according to the Southern Nevada Health District Dashboard which updated daily.

Two deaths have been reported in Clark County in the past day. In its most recent report, the health district says 187.2 people died per 100,000 population in Clark County.

About one-third of the cases (33.0%) reported in Clark County are among Hispanics, making it the most affected ethnic group locally and nearly half (45.7%) of the positive cases reported in the county belong to the age group of 25 to 49 years. .

The SNHD includes the number of pediatric multisystem inflammatory syndrome (MIS-C) in its daily report. Eleven cases were reported in January, 12 in February and seven in March. So far in April, three new cases have been reported, the latest on April 15, bringing the total to 64.

All of these cases have been reported in children under the age of 14 who have all tested positive for COVID-19.

MIS-C is a condition in which different parts of the body can become inflamed, including the heart, lungs, kidneys, brain, skin, eyes, or gastrointestinal organs.

According to the health district, MIS-C is rare and is still being investigated by the CDC to learn more about it and its impact on children. Although there is no known cause, many children with MIS-C had the virus that causes COVID-19 or close contact with someone who did.


The number of people who have recovered from the virus in Clark County continues to rise. The county’s latest update estimates a total of 238,384 recovered cases; or 95.8% of all reported cases in the county, according to The latest SNHD report.

The health district provides a daily card with the number of positive tests in each postcode in Clark County.


Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak set an April 14 goal of reopening every Nevada county to 100% capacity by June 1, and signed an emergency directive on April 20 to conduct to the plan.

Clark County leaders approved a reopening plan on Tuesday April 20 to increase capacity from 50% to 80% and reduce social distancing from six feet to three feet from May 1, when the county takes over COVID-19 mitigation efforts. The state approved the plan on April 27.

Some New changes include:

  • Increase capacity from 50% to 80%
  • Decrease social distance from six feet to three feet
  • Remove all social distancing and ability guidelines after 60% of the population has received at least one dose of vaccine
  • Increase the number of customers per restaurant table from six to 12

Governor Sisolak announced on May 13 that Nevada would follow updated CDC guidelines for wearing masks indoors. The CDC has made it easier for people who are fully vaccinated to wear masks, allowing them to stop wearing masks outside in crowds and in most indoor environments.

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