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Sunday 05 December 2021 10:03 | Investors Observers Analysts

Stellar (XLM) has been relatively less volatile compared to other cryptocurrencies. So far on Sunday, the digital currency is down 6.4% to $ 0.2691596291, hitting a five-day high.

volatility - 18
Investors Observer gives Stellar a volatility rank of 18. Find out what that means to you and get the rest of the rankings on Stellar!

Low volatility

Investors Observer gives Stellar a low volatility rank of 18, placing it in the lowest 18% of cryptos on the market. The volatility gauge tracks the previous 60 days, meaning that a day won’t make or destroy the score. XLM’s low volatility reading is associated with a low reading on the risk / reward gauge, which means the coin has relatively tight price swings and is well protected against price manipulation. The stellar price is favorably positioned going forward. With support of around 0.214447825026448 and resistance set at 0.309159098935063. This gives Stellar some leeway before facing selling pressure.

What is a coin?

A coin is a cryptocurrency that exists on its own blockchain. these are generally used for payments. Depending on the cryptocurrency, the use of these payments may vary from general use in the Digital Money subclass to more specific uses in certain other subclasses.

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