Iranian Foreign Minister’s visit to India this weekend : The Tribune India

Sandeep Dikshit

Tribune press service

New Delhi, January 27

Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amir-Abdollahian will visit New Delhi at the end of the week amid Tehran’s talks with world powers on the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) and urgent diplomatic affairs with the India.

Iranian Foreign Minister’s talks with External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar will shed light on the impact of US sanctions if some Indo-Iranian plans are implemented as Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action talks (JCPOA) are ongoing.

In the immediate term, India would like to regularly use Chabahar port for humanitarian aid to Afghanistan after Pakistan dragged its feet for months on the first 50,000 tonnes of wheat bound for Afghanistan. Kabul. In an earlier phone conversation, sources here said that Amir-Abdollahian had offered to transfer India’s humanitarian aid, including wheat and medicine, to Afghanistan.

However, the threat of US sanctions prevents many companies from participating. This could also be the case of the tri-country initiative involving Uzbekistan for a land corridor from the same port to Central Asian countries. Once the United States reinstates the JCPOA, a pact that was abruptly rejected by the Trump administration, India may consider raising funds for exploration of Iran’s Farzad-B gas field, where it there has been no progress for years due to fear of sanctions against participants. businesses.

On the regional security side, NSAs Ajit Doval and Ali Shamkhani have been in regular contact as the two countries have faced heat from the Sunni-dominated Taliban in the past when they hosted militant groups hostile to both countries . Shamkhani had last visited India in November to participate in the Delhi regional security dialogue on Afghanistan.

Amid co-operation talks with Sunni Gulf monarchies and Shiite Iran, India has suffered collateral damage due to their rivalry – two Indians have been killed in the United Arab Emirates and seven taken hostage in Yemen. Iran supports Houthi rebels in Yemen who had attacked oil facilities in the United Arab Emirates in retaliation for the monarchies’ involvement in the civil war in their country. Two Indians and a Pakistani were killed in the fire that followed the drone attacks. The seven Indians taken hostage were on board a United Arab Emirates ship hijacked by the Houthis who claimed it was carrying war supplies for their rivals.

Amir-Abdollahian will then leave for Sri Lanka which needs a helping hand due to its economic crisis. The two sides have finalized a tea for oil pact under which Sri Lanka repays the import of oil by exporting tea to Iran. Sri Lanka will pay $251 million of its oil import duties by sending $5 million worth of tea to Iran. The Iranian foreign minister’s India-Sri Lanka tour comes after his trips to Moscow and Beijing.

Jaishankar was quick to appeal to Iran’s new president Ibrahim Raisi before he was officially sworn in last year, as India backed Iran’s inclusion in the Shanghai Cooperation Organization. Raisi then spoke of extensive economic cooperation with neighboring countries. In separate Republic Day messages to President Ram Nath Kovind and Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Raisi expressed Tehran’s readiness to expand relations with India and open a “new chapter of mutual cooperation”. “.

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