Here’s How Per Annum Helps Indians Get Fixed and Stable Returns in Volatile Commodities

“Bloodbath on Dalal Street” has been a common headline over the past two weeks. Crypto, stocks, bonds, and other market-driven investments have had investors rushing to save their hard-earned cash over the past fortnight. This volatility in the stock market has made investors aware of the need to diversify their portfolios. As a result, more and more investors are now exploring new era fixed and alternative investments offering fixed returns and stability.

To tap into this vast audience of new-age investors seeking access to products that are immune to stock market volatility while generating a healthy return, many startups have set up camp in the market. However, Per Annum is fast becoming a popular choice for Indian investors to diversify their portfolios and achieve stable and better returns.

Manifesting its slogan “democratizing fixed and alternative investment products for underserved Indian retail investors”, here is how Per Annum is revolutionizing wealth management for new-age Indian investors,

Live worry-free with low-risk products

Per Annum brings you fixed income products and alternative investment products beyond FDs, PPFs and bonds. If you are an investor with a low appetite for risk and an ambition for high returns, Per Annum gives you access to a wide range of very low risk investment products with returns of up to 15%. Unlike traditional investment instruments, these products help you fight current inflation and prevent the value of your assets from eroding. Moreover, with a minimum investment as low as Rs. 50,000, you can approach high-quality, sophisticated financial products previously unattainable with such low investment amounts for the common retail investor.

Diversify your portfolio with a large basket of products

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Savvy investors know never to put all their eggs in one basket. Per Annum mitigates the risk to your capital by diversifying your investment across multiple assets. When you invest with Per Annum, your capital is deployed through a highly curated and screened list of alternative investment products, screened through an unparalleled risk mitigation mechanism by highly experienced professionals. You get a wide range of investment options, some of which are not even available on any other platform in India. Per Annum also provides its retail investors with a wide basket of investment products that were previously only available to institutional investors, such as bill discounting, fractional real estate, asset-backed leasing, seed investment, settlement funding, etc.

Try debt investing in collaboration with Lendbox

Together with Lendbox, Per Annum also offers debt investment products. Per Annum, via Lendbox, lends to the most creditworthy 2% of people in India. Borrowers on Per Annum come from its Tier 1 partners. These partners are premier credit risk management companies that cater to those with an unblemished repayment history. Investments in products per year will generate interest income which you can choose to reinvest, leverage capitalization or withdraw directly to your bank accounts. Principal will be credited upon withdrawal. Per Annum offers sophisticated products that are fully or partially backed by its product partners for added security. It follows industry best underwriting practices with strict thresholds for credit scores as well as repayment history.

Let cash flow with easy liquidity via Flexi investing

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For those who still prefer to keep cash, Per Annum offers easy liquidity with its Flexi investment program. You can earn up to 9.5% return per annum with a minimum investment of Rs. 50,000. There is no minimum tenure, so you can withdraw your investment with interest at any time. To add the icing on the cake, there are no withdrawal fees or TDS at the time of withdrawal. You can get daily interest credit.

However, if you’re in the long-term game, you can try Per Annum’s fixed-term investment plan. Here, you can earn up to 11% return per annum with a minimum investment of Rs. one lakh. Although your money is locked in for a minimum period of 12 months without any investment charges, there will be no TDS on withdrawal. You can also choose to get a monthly interest payment.

Build backups with alternative investment products

Per Annum will also introduce additional fixed income securities and alternative asset classes such as digital gold, asset-backed leasing, fractional real estate, invoice financing and seed financing among many others. in a close future.

This is how Per Annum is transforming wealth investing for India’s underserved retail investors. If you need help getting started, managing your portfolio, or wondering if Per Annum is what you need, click here.

Disclaimer: This article was produced on behalf of Lendbox and Per Annum by The Internet Times Spotlight Team.

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