Gebeya unveils itself to accelerate the hiring of freelance professionals –

Gebeya Inc., the pan-African freelance professional talent marketplace, today announced a new innovation to accelerate a more stable and vibrant African tech talent infrastructure.

After launching a fully automated and redesigned web client application last June, Gebeya has introduced its new search function to meet the continued growth in demand from startups and SMEs across the continent and globally.

The new search engine will optimize how customers find and connect with their talent. To help clients fill vacancies and grow their teams with thousands of shortlisted freelance talents in over 30 African countries, the powerful search function will allow instant access with just a few clicks, as well as the ability to filter for each talent. :

  • location
  • assess
  • context
  • Evaluation
  • and the ability to request to hire directly from their profile page

. . . all in an instant. “This is the gold standard of realizing the promise of the Gebeya market,” said Thierno Amar Niang, Director of the platform. “Now all businesses around the world will have a single, trusted gateway through which they can access their choice of pre-approved professionals in an instant.”

Features to meet pressing business needs

In response to demand from some customers, Gebeya’s management and engineering teams quickly identified the new search engine as the tool to accelerate meeting the hiring needs of its valued customers – startups, SMEs and multinationals. in sectors as diverse as fintech, logistics and telecommunications. .

At all levels, organizations need to practice smart hiring, which not only impacts operations and speed, but also revenue: the cost of a bad hire can reach $200,000. Startups and SMEs have already trusted Gebeya to fulfill technology, design, management and marketing roles by leveraging its existing products:

  • G-Talent: Multilingual, multinational, and shortlisted talent matching project request specifications, including preferred skill sets, experience level, and budget. Talents available for short or long term missions.
  • Made in G: A custom solution designed by a team of trusted and approved experts to execute a project according to specific milestones.
  • G-Staff: Full-time talent placement cuts recruitment time in half by selecting high-quality talent from our pool of pre-screened professionals.

“Our core products remain the foundation of our business; but the new search functionality is resonating with customers who want the freedom to search for talent with the ease with which they shop products on Amazon,” said Amadou Daffe, CEO and co-founder of Gebeya Inc. “We are convinced that this will speak to the main pain points of hiring in Africa: cost, level of experience and retention. »

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This new feature brings more power to the customer web portal on With a single sign-on solution, business owners and decision-makers can register at no cost and gain immediate access to pre-screened, qualified, multilingual professionals across Africa.

They can connect with available talent that matches their budget and experience level, through a customizable interface that puts the customer in control. No unsolicited calls or connections to screen; customers will only connect with talent they or they Choose.

…by Gbebeya

With Gebeya’s new search product, the hiring process is as simple as: 1) Register, 2) Search, 3) Select.

Gebeya’s search engine reduces hiring time and improves responsiveness and project start-up. Its competitive onboarding practices give clients peace of mind that they are only connected with the best freelancers who have:

  • successfully passed extensive vetting practices – technical skills assessments and interviews with subject matter experts
  • the skills, location and pricing preferences indicated in their search
  • the right mindset and integrity to perform to the highest standards

If a talent fails for any reason, the company is committed to providing a replacement talent.

Gebeya demonstrates the importance of recognizing and responding to customer needs

Gebeya’s model reinforces the need for the digital platform in Africa. Startups such as Kenya-based financial service Azenia, Nigeria’s digital accounting platform Dukka, and Uganda’s solution for customer promotion programs, Vouch Digital, have all joined the Gebeya Marketplace to acquire talent. remotely and on site.

Freelancers and permanent job seekers turn to Gebeya for work in droves. Over the past six months, the market has multiplied its talent pool.

Qualified candidates ranging from junior to expert level, in various verticals, rely on the marketplace system to increase their visibility with clients, eliminating the need for bidding wars, often endemic on freelance platforms.

Future Gebeya implementations include the full deployment of an unrivaled technology platform that will encompass finding and connecting independent and network partners in minutes.

To maintain its position as a trusted source for African talent, Gebeya’s management team continues to gather feedback from businesses and talent, to improve the overall market experience.

Even with the recent implementation of the client finder and updates to the application and the talent community, Gebeya persists in adapting to the changing demands of its clients and its talents.

The successful redesign of the online Gebeya Marketplace proves that companies across the continent are reassessing their staffing needs and entrusting the skills, creativity and innovation of their own local talent to do the work.

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