ELECTION RESULTS: Davis, Keck and Henderson win Covington council election

COVINGTON, Georgia – Voters elected Anthony Henderson and Susie Keck to a second term on Covington City Council on Tuesday and welcome new political arrival Charika Davis.

Davis narrowly defeated Scotty Scoggins 186-148 to replace longtime Councilor Hawnethia Williams at Station 2 representing the West Ward. Scoggins held the advantage over the advance poll totals 86-69, but the mail ballots were one-sided, with Davis collecting 42 mail-in votes to Scoggins’ 5. Davis also led the vote on election day 75-57. There were only 3 unsolved written votes.

Davis, who is a longtime resident who works as an insurance / team leader, said

“It was a phenomenal experience,” said Davis. “I went door to door. I spoke to the citizens. I put the work. I literally got to work, every weekend going door to door talking with voters and just letting them know who I was – a lot of people in the district didn’t know me, so I had to really go out and do the leg work to make myself known. Now I firmly believe that if you work you will see it in the results.

After the announcement of the unofficial final tabulation inside the Newton County Administrative Building’s Election Office, Davis overwhelmed with emotion, shedding tears and hugging members of his campaign team, Williams and City Councilor Kenneth Morgan, both of whom were on hand to hear the results.

“It was a tough experience,” Davis said. “But we came out on top… It’s a great feeling.”

Davis praised Williams and the type of mentor she has been throughout the campaign process.

“She’s been a great mentor,” she said. “She is very knowledgeable. She knows the people. She knows the city. It was a great experience to have him in my corner just praying for me and believing me, even sometimes maybe when I didn’t believe in myself. She’s a great lady – a great lady.

Davis said she would “get up and running quickly” by being a soundboard for the residents.

“I will take all kinds of complaints or concerns from my constituents,” Davis said. “I’m here for the people, and whatever they want and whatever they need, I’m here to represent them. This is my priority.

Scoggins expressed his disappointment after the narrow loss, but said he was proud of the campaign he led.

“I am disappointed, but I ran an honest, honorable and sincere campaign,” said Scoggins. “I have met people all over the West End – many of whom have changed my perspective on a lot of things. I intend to continue to help make a better community for my neighbors. But most importantly, city council needs to figure out how to make the West Ward – from Monticello at 278 to Brown Bridge to Flat Shoals to West Street to Emory Street – and the surrounding areas feel like they are as much a part of the city of Covington as than East district.

In the race for East Ward Post 1, incumbent Keck defeated challenger Carla Ferry 457-347 to retain her seat. Ferry held the advantage in the 187-181 Election Day vote and 13-9 mail ballot, but Keck’s decisive total of 267-147 advanced votes won his candidacy for re-election.

“It is a lesson in humility to have been re-elected to Covington City Council for another four years by some 57% of voters eligible for my post,” Keck said in a statement to Covington News. “The first four years have been a steep learning curve, and I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to continue to apply what I have learned and experienced for the betterment of the entire City of Covington, not just my neighborhood. East. These times demand that all of us Council members unite, make the necessary compromises and move forward united in the pursuit of the best city possible. And believe me, we’re the envy of hundreds of cities across the state.

“Some in the race that just ended have tried to make it a referendum on growth and frankly pushed a narrative that the growth we are experiencing is anything but positive, that it will destroy the lovely little town that we are experiencing. we like. There were a lot of untruths and negative comments launched in an effort to destroy, deceive and distort.

“Growth – growth managed with clear goals – is a good thing, and elected policy makers and citizens must come together to create a common vision that will benefit all. We have the power and responsibility to manage growth within the limits permitted by law, zoning and bylaws. We can’t just close the door and wall ourselves. It is impossible and it would be a failure in our duty not to engage in the issues raised by growth. I thank the constituents of East Ward, Post 1 for their continued confidence in me. “

Despite the loss, Ferry was proud of her first run in political office and enjoyed the ride.

“Thanks Covington! Said Ferry. “I really enjoyed getting to know so many other people in our city during my campaign. My first application for a position was a wonderful learning experience. I want to personally thank everyone I met throughout the campaign, especially those who contributed to my campaign with time, effort, conversations and ideas. Most importantly, I would like to thank all the constituents for coming and being a part of the process; it is what makes America the greatest country in the world. I hope others will stand up for what they believe in like me.

Henderson, who recently described himself as a Covington guy who was born and raised in the community of Nelson Heights, was re-elected to a second term at Post 3, representing the West Ward.

Without opposition, Henderson collected 261 votes in total. There were 19 unsolved written votes.

In total, only 1,154 ballots were cast in municipal elections, which equates to only 12.37% voter turnout. According to the Election Office, there were 9,327 residents eligible to vote in Covington.

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