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This time around, a single bid should be enough to move forward with the $7.3 million animal shelter to be built in the town of Porterville.

After two delays in the bidding process for the construction of the animal sanctuary, Porterville City Council, as part of its approval schedule, is expected to approve a bid to remodel the former property of the City Bank to be transformed into an animal shelter at its next meeting on Tuesday.

The meeting will begin at 5:30 p.m. with oral presentations and the swearing in of Don Weyhrauch as a new board member. Council will then go into closed session and is expected to return to open session at 6:30 p.m., after which the consent timeline will be considered if necessary.

Last year, the council rejected a bid to build the animal sanctuary and voted to revive the project. But then the city received no bids for the project, so last spring the council again had to reopen the bidding process for the project.

This time, the city received a single bid for the project for the former City Bank property at 185 ND Street. The city received an offer of $6,465,000 from AMB & Associates, Inc. of Santa Clarita, which was $171,000 less than the estimate. With over $800,000 in additional emergency costs, the total project cost will be $7.3 million.

The bulk of the funding for the project will come from the US federal bailout funds the city received to the tune of $4.85 million. There have been $1.3 million in donations that will help fund the project and an additional $500,000 in land sales revenue will be used along with $300,000 in local transportation funds. Another $550,000 in Mesure R funds will be used to fund an on-site dog park.

There will also be a trail adjacent to the animal sanctuary, which will be designed and built separately as part of the Butterfield Stage Corridor Active Transportation Program grant project.

Concerns have been raised about the animal shelter being centrally located in the city. But work on the project has been going on for seven years and it is absolutely necessary that the facility be moved from northwest Lindsay. With council approval on Tuesday, construction on the project is expected to begin by the end of the year.


Weyhrauch will be sworn in as the new Porterville City Council member to represent District 4 at the start of Tuesday’s meeting. Weyhrauch replaces Monte Reyes, who resigned on July 19. Weyhrauch was named a board member by the board at its August 16 meeting.


As expected, the board will consider an amended agreement with Southern California Edison to convert overhead electrical equipment to underground on Morton Avenue between Roche Street and Main Street. The project is ongoing and a public hearing will be held on the project.

The project will cost $1.6 million and the city has over $1.75 million to fund the project. Just over a million dollars in work credits have been accumulated by the city with the SCE. The city also received $750,000 as part of a settlement with Tulare County.


The council will also consider moving forward on a number of sewer annexation projects at Tuesday’s meeting.

At the August 16 council meeting, City Manager John Lollis said there are $25 million in sewer annex projects underway at various stages in the city.

As part of its consent schedule, the council will consider accepting the results of the vote and the creation of a sewer services district for Area 457 which covers Wisconsin’s Highway 190 south base area. at South Cottage. The results of the vote of the inhabitants of this region to establish a sewer services district were 39 votes in favor and only three against.

The council will also hold a number of public hearings on the establishment of sewer service districts in other areas. Landowners in these areas will have the opportunity to submit their ballots for the districts by the end of their public hearings.

Public hearings will be held in Area 474B, which covers the general West North Grand area east of Newcomb Avenue and west of Douglas Avenue; Area 476, which covers the area generally located along Gibbons Avenue to the south, east of Jaye along Plano to the east, and south of College Avenue; areas 478B and 478C, generally located along West North Grand in the north, east of Beverly Street and west to Main Street, north of Pioneer and south of Harrison in the north, just shout Olive the along Route 223 south, east of Route 222 and west of Westwood; and 475D, which covers the area generally north of Henderson Avenue south of Castle Avenue, west of Indiana and east of Lime.

Votes on districts for all of these areas will be counted on Sept. 7 and will be considered by the board at its Sept. 20 meeting.

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