Finance Debt – Lost Worlds Mon, 27 Sep 2021 18:08:24 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Finance Debt – Lost Worlds 32 32 University of Phoenix students get nearly $ 50 million in FTC refunds Thu, 08 Apr 2021 02:38:31 +0000

PHOENIX, AZ – The Federal Trade Commission is sending nearly $ 50 million in refunds to more than 147,000 University of Phoenix students who have been lured by deceptive ads.

The Phoenix-based, for-profit college chain has used ads to tout its connections with companies like AT&T, Yahoo !, Microsoft, Twitter and the American Red Cross, the FTC said. The university also misled students into believing that the university worked with these companies to tailor its curriculum to secure jobs for students in companies, the FTC said.

The university, which has two sites in the Phoenix area and one in Tucson, also has to pay $ 141 million to write off students’ outstanding balances with the school. This amount does not include other debts, such as federal and private student loans or military benefits, according to the FTC.

In a statement sent to Patch on Wednesday afternoon, the University of Phoenix said the following:

“The FTC made allegations regarding a campaign that ended in 2014 that have not been tested through litigation and do not constitute factual findings on the part of the FTC or a court. The University has not admitted any wrongdoing and continues to believe that it acted appropriately, ”he added. the statement reads.

“This settlement agreement has allowed us to continue to focus on our core mission of improving the lives of our students through career-relevant higher education, and to avoid any other distractions from serving students that may have resulted protracted litigation. “

The FTC mails over 140,000 checks and issues 677 PayPal payments to students who meet the following criteria:

  1. Enrolled in master’s, bachelor’s, or associate’s programs with the university between October 15, 2012 and December 31, 2016.
  2. Paid over $ 5,000 in cash, scholarships, federal and private student loans, or military benefits.
  3. Did not secure debt cancellation as part of the FTC settlement, and:
  4. Did not withdraw from college by providing student contact information to the FTC.

More than $ 21 million in cash return checks have been sent to 181,633 recipients in Arizona so far, according to FTC state by state database.

To contact the FTC regarding the state of the University of Phoenix settlement, you can send an email.

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LineVision Secures $ 12.5 Million Series B Funding to Advance Grid Enhancement Technology Thu, 08 Apr 2021 02:38:19 +0000

SOMERVILLE, Mass., April 7, 2021 / PRNewswire / – LineVision, Inc., a leading provider of non-contact overhead power line sensor solutions to monitor, optimize and protect critical power distribution infrastructure today announced the close of its tower Series B financing, $ 12.5 million to accelerate the growth of the company. The tour is led by UP Partners, a Los Angeles– electrification and mobility funds. Other new investors include National Network Partners, the venture capital and innovation arm of one of the world’s largest investor-owned energy companies; and Capital ZOMA, a Colorado-Family office specializing in network modernization technologies. These new investors join LineVision’s existing backers, in particular Clean energy companies, which once again invests in LineVision through this Series B funding round.

“We are delighted to welcome this elite group of investors and partners into the next phase of LineVision’s growth,” said Hudson gilmer, CEO of LineVision. “With this investment, we will continue to build the team and platform that help our utility customers around the world increase the capacity, flexibility and resiliency of their networks.”

“LineVision harnesses advanced sensors and analytics to solve one of the most critical barriers to the energy transition,” said Adam grosser, President of UP Partners. “It is simply impossible to meet urgent electrification and decarbonization goals without the widespread deployment of technologies such as LineVision to free up more capacity and flexibility from the existing grid. “

“National Grid has a long history of deploying technologies that allow us to optimize the performance and reliability of our network,” said Rudy wynter, President of National Grid, new York. “Technologies such as LineVision’s V3 systems help us better understand the state of our assets while enabling us to meet the goals of our Net Zero plan by 2050. We believe that investing in technology he network improvement like LineVision is strategically important to our network modernization efforts. and integrate more renewable energies.

National Grid currently uses the Platform V3 to assess driver asset health, gain better situational awareness and increase transmission line capacity with Dynamic Line Ratings. The public service deployed LineVision’s solutions for the first time in 2018 on transmission lines in Massachusetts, and in 2020 installed LineVision’s asset health monitors on the lines of new York.

Unique LineVision V3 Sensors collect real-time data on critical parameters overhead power lines, including line temperature, sag, horizontal movement and anomalies. Studies have shown that congestion on transmission lines costs US consumers more than 8 billion dollars annually. A recent study by The Brattle Group has shown that Dynamic Line Ratings enabled by LineVision will help double the integration of renewables into the existing grid.

In just over two years since its inception, LineVision has reached deals with National Grid, Dominion Energy, Xcel Energy, Tennessee Valley Authority and several other North American utilities that have yet to be announced. The company also works with several European public services through the Farcross Project, which aims to improve cross-border interconnections using Dynamic Line Ratings.

About LineVision

LineVision provides state-of-the-art non-invasive solutions that monitor the condition and behavior of high voltage transmission lines and can dramatically improve line throughput, helping to ensure optimal, safe and reliable operation. For more information visit, or follow us on Twitter Where LinkedIn.

About UP.Partners

UP.Partners is an early stage venture capital firm investing in the future of multidimensional mobility. The UP.Community of entrepreneurs, executives, technical experts, co-investors and policy makers supports the portfolio of companies that are forging a better, more connected future for the world. UP.Partners is headquartered in Santa Monica, California, with offices in Silicon Valley and Boston. For more information on how we are helping humanity rise up, visit us at www.up.partenaires.

About National Grid Partners

National Grid Partners (NGP) is the investment and innovation arm of National Grid plc., One of the world’s largest investor-owned energy companies. NGP invests for strategic and financial impact and leads enterprise-wide disruptive innovation efforts. The organization offers a multifunctional approach to creating startups, including innovation (creation of new businesses), incubation, corporate venture capital, business development and culture acceleration. NGP is headquartered in Silicon Valley and has offices in Boston, London, and new York. Visit or follow us on Twitter (@ngpartners_).

About Zoma Capital

ZOMA capital was founded by Ben and Lucy Ana Walton catalyze and scale up bold and innovative solutions to the social and environmental problems facing their regions of origin Colorado and Chile. With a global investment portfolio spanning multiple asset classes, ZOMA Capital invests in a broad range of sustainable market-based solutions advancing energy, water, workforce and community economic development for help support resilient and prosperous communities.

Media contact:
Colin Mahoney
Mahoney Communication Group
[email protected]

SOURCE LineVision, Inc.

]]> 0 Historian who predicted every presidential race since 1984 says Trump likely won’t make a political comeback in 2024 Thu, 08 Apr 2021 02:38:10 +0000

Former President Donald Trump on the final day of the Conservative Political Action Conference February 28 in Orlando, Florida. Jabin Botsford / The Washington Post via Getty Images

  • Allan Lichtman has successfully predicted the results of the US presidential election since 1984.

  • The professor believes former President Donald Trump is unlikely to mount a successful bid in 2024.

  • Lichtman told the Miami Herald that the former president was too mired in legal and financial issues.

  • See more stories on the Insider business page.

The historian renowned for his ability to successfully predict the outcome of the US presidential election told the Miami Herald that he thinks Donald Trump is unlikely to make a successful bid for a second term in 2024.

Allan Lichtman, professor of American political history at American University, has developed a series of “13 keys”, or questions that he uses to establish the probability of a candidate winning a presidential election, which he has. revealed in a recent book, “Predict the next president. “

He used the method to successfully project that Trump would win the 2016 election, while most pundits and bookmakers ruled out the reality TV star’s chances, and he predicted Joe Biden’s victory last year.

His experience in successfully predicting the outcome of presidential elections dates back to 1984.

In comments to the Herald, Lichtman referred to speculation Trump has sparked that he stand for election again in 2024.

Some observers, including Senator Mitt Romney, said Trump is a shoo-in to be the next GOP presidential candidate if he decides to run. But Lichtman is skeptical, telling the Herald that Trump “has too many other challenges ahead of him” and that he doesn’t think he will be the GOP candidate or a third-party candidate.

Trump faces a plethora of lawsuits. Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance Jr. is about to investigate allegations of tax and financial crimes at the Trump Organization, and a prosecutor in Georgia launched a criminal investigation into allegations that Trump illegally sought to corrupt the 2020 election results.

“He has over $ 400 million in loans coming up,” Lichtman said. “His brand is failing. His businesses are failing. He has a huge IRS audit. He is no longer in a position. He has lost his Twitter feed.”

Lichtman was apparently referring to a New York Times report from last year citing tax records, whose accuracy Trump has disputed, that he is heavily in debt.

The historian gave Biden a 9 out of 10 for his performance so far and said that even though the president would be 82 in 2024, he would not rule him out from running for reelection.

“There is also no precedent in American history for having started the presidency at 78,” Lichtman said. “But, as we know, precedents are meant to be broken.”

Read the original article on Business intern

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BNI Europa boss leaves for Duff & Phelps Thu, 08 Apr 2021 02:37:11 +0000

BNI Europa CEO and President Pedro Pinto Coelho has reportedly left the challenger bank.

His LinkedIn profile shows that he joined the business and regulatory consultancy firm Duff & Phelps as a senior advisor.

Pinto is still listed as President of BNI Europa on the company’s website, but it is not mentioned on his LinkedIn profile.

Duff & Phelps and BNI Europa were invited to comment.

The bank, which was launched in September 2015, has grown by acquiring a portfolio of credit assets from market lenders across Europe. It has also launched its own line of niche products, such as a digital consumer credit platform that allows customers to get cash in less than 24 hours.

BNI Europa is a regular investor in the peer-to-peer lending sector.

She has supported lenders across Europe, including Fundraising Circle in Germany and Raize in Portugal as well as the UK invoice financing platform MarketFinance.

The bank has also invested in US consumer loans issued on platforms such as Lending Club and Prosper through a third party fund.

Talk to Peer2Peer Financial News in 2018 he said P2P lending in continental Europe was evolving.

“There is a market for P2P players to develop as there are segments of the population that are not served by banks,” he said.

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Arts workers have created support networks to weather the pandemic. Now some are becoming permanent because help is nowhere in sight Thu, 08 Apr 2021 02:36:35 +0000

Paula Santos never trained as an accountant, but over the past year she has been tasked with distributing more than $ 110,000 to arts workers who lost their jobs during the pandemic across the Relief fund for museum workers. It became a second job for the museum educator, who volunteered up to 20 hours a week to process hundreds of requests and connect workers with $ 500 grants.

Relief funds like this, which sprang up following the first wave of industry-wide layoffs that took swept through American museums last March, were to last only one some months. But some organizers are now looking for ways to continuously continue their charitable campaigns as they receive a wave of demands for money from museum workers whose leaves have turned into layoffs or who have been unable to find a job. new job. The need for long-term infrastructure has only increased as other fundraisers close and the art world’s prospects for fully recovering from the pandemic stagnate.

“I had never created a support network before this,” said Santos, head of Intuit: Chicago’s Center for Intuitive and Outsider Art, who said she was inspired by the activism of abolitionist groups. prison and the families who cared for them. another in the Los Angeles immigrant neighborhood where she grew up. “I have come to believe that mutual aid is something necessary for our survival. It is a way of showing care for those who have been put on leave or fired in a material way. “

The dozens of self-help networks that have sprung up over the past year have raised millions of dollars for endangered arts workers through a combination of individual donations, foundation grants and support programs. counterpart. Thousands of donors, from security guards to directors of institutions like the Brooklyn Museum, have contributed. With more than 15,000 cultural workers losing their jobs last summer in New York City alone, according to a report Commissioned by the city’s cultural affairs department, relief funds have become something new but necessary to deal with the economic impact of the pandemic.

The volunteer staff of the Brooklyn Museum’s weekly food distribution, organized in partnership with the Campaign Against Hunger. Photo courtesy of the Brooklyn Museum.

A broken system

With the volume of needs showing no signs of contracting, some museum workers are questioning whether turning a band-aid into a lifeline will have unintended consequences in an industry that has already struggled in recent years to improve wages.

Akane Okoshi, an arts specialist at the Brooklyn Museum who has helped raise nearly $ 80,000 to support more than 130 current and former employees, described the proliferation of these outlets as “a symptom of failure.” Going forward, she said, “I hope the institutions restructure in a sustainable way so that it is budgeted for future crises.”

When Marissa del Toro lost her position as curator at the Phoenix Museum of Art, she turned to professional groups like the American Alliance of Museums (AAM) for help. When none came, she turned to self-help groups, receiving $ 500 from the Arts Workers Relief Fund. This money was used to pay bills – student loans, credit cards, rent – and to pay it off eventually. She donated the remaining dollars to other racial justice support networks and other sacked workers.

“We should hold these associations accountable,” she told Artnet News. “Where was their support? “

Although the AAM has never launched its own workers’ relief fund, it has advocated for federal aid on behalf of the industry and has published tips for workers looking for financial assistance on its website.

“After reviewing our expertise, capabilities and the dire situation in the field, we felt that the leadership role we could most effectively fulfill was to advocate on behalf of museums and museum professionals for economic relief to the nationwide, ”said an AAM spokesperson. .

Kaylyn Kilkuskie, an artist at the Abrons Arts Center, sets up groceries for families in need on the Lower East Side on October 6, 2020 in New York City.  (Photo by Michael Loccisano / Getty Images)

Kaylyn Kilkuskie, an artist at the Abrons Arts Center, sets up groceries for families in need on the Lower East Side on October 6, 2020 in New York City. (Photo by Michael Loccisano / Getty Images)

How it works

There is no quick manual for setting up a support network during a crisis, and many organizers told Artnet News that they initially linked their GoFundMe pages to their personal bank accounts, which experts say. fiscal warned against, saying the IRS might get curious and ask for additional documents showing how the money was used.

“Throughout the process, we made sure that we only had one bank account for all transactions,” said Santos, who initially opened a joint account to collect donations under his own name. Working with an accountant during tax season, she has since decided to process future donations through Open Collective, a company that helps community organizers raise and spend money.

Finding a tax sponsor has been an important part of navigating the fundraising logistics, but many relief funds closed last year when their contracts with these facilitators expired. This included the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s relief fund, which quietly closed its wallet after redistributing more than $ 110,000 to more than 200 community members last year.

“Our contract with our fiscal sponsor, Artadia, expires at the end of 2020, so we must close the fund and the aid request form on December 31, 2020,” the group wrote on its website.

Other self-help networks have closed, including the Los Angeles Art Workers Relief Fund, which raised more than $ 85,000 last summer, distributing a total of 85 emergency grants to people in need through the organization. Support arts.

“I am proud of the small role that I have played,” said Peter Mundwiler, an organizer of the fund. “I am also proud of the LA community for participating in a difficult time. “

“One disappointing aspect, however, was the lack of engagement of journalists,” he added, attributing the lack of publicity to the difficulty of reaching more potential donors.

The Union of the Museum of Contemporary Art of Los Angeles.  Photo courtesy of the Museum of Contemporary Art Los Angeles Union.

The Union of the Museum of Contemporary Art of Los Angeles. Photo courtesy of the Museum of Contemporary Art Los Angeles Union.

In it for the long haul

Some organizers have found that donors have remained engaged. After taking a hiatus from fundraising in December, Santos said, “We were getting emails from various people saying they really wanted to give us money.” Over the past few months, she and her colleagues have started the process of registering the Museum Workers Relief Fund as an official nonprofit, indicating that they will be there for years to come.

Another group, Sick in the neighborhood, is also pursuing nonprofit status after creating a support network for the disabled community that raised nearly $ 5,000 during the pandemic and promoted methods of self-advocacy in the medical system . For group members, performing this kind of care for their peers has become routine.

“We have come together to help a chronically ill friend who contracted COVID-19,” said Caroline Schub, artist and group organizer. “We found that when she got sick there was no one to help her fight for her except the disabled community.”

Those who have benefited from mutual aid find it difficult to imagine a world of art where such a safety net no longer exists.

“I didn’t want to depend on caring,” said Isaiah Newton, a former café waiter at the Toledo Art Museum. “But I needed a boost.”

Money from the Museum Workers Relief Fund helped Newton pay his bills, putting him in a better financial position before the birth of his child last month.

“I was disappointed with the museums because we acted like family. It’s hard to believe we were driven out during the pandemic, ”he said. “Receiving the money was a shock; it was good to feel that I wasn’t just left out of the industry.

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ALLEN PARK – Mel Kiper Jr. took over the Detroit Lions in his last draft. But even if the Lions were to stay on the seventh overall pick, the ESPN draft analyst says the team would be wise to avoid taking on a quarterback.

That’s how much he still believes in Jared Goff.

“I wouldn’t consider a quarterback if I were the Lions,” Kiper said on a call Monday afternoon. “I think Jared Goff is a 26 year old quarterback who went to a Super Bowl, was out for the races, was the No.1 pick overall, all that stuff. So I think now he has people who know him well, whom he knows in terms of front office. For me, you build around the quarterback.

Lions acquire Goff and three draft picks for Matthew Stafford. The deal cannot be finalized until the start of the new league year on March 17, but the deal is in place. Stafford requested the trade, and the Lions greeted him by sending him to the Los Angeles Rams for a third-round pick this year, a first-round pick in 2022, and another first-round pick in 2023.

That’s quite the bonus, in part because of the Lions’ willingness to take on Goff and that massive, four-year, $ 134 million contract he signed in 2019. Goff had just finished two consecutive seasons. in the Pro Bowl at the time, and had led Los Angeles to the Super Bowl. But his performance dropped sharply the following season, and he was even worse last season. He has flipped football 38 times in the past two seasons in total, a league record, while his aerial yards per attempt have plummeted to the bottom of the league in 2020.

The Lions, meanwhile, have launched a rebuild under the leadership of new general manager Brad Holmes, who was the Rams’ scouting director when LA traded to take Goff at No. 1 in 2016. The Lions are hoping a change in scenery can do for Goff what it does for Ryan Tannehill, a former Miami bust who led one of the NFL’s most effective offensives in the past two seasons in Tennessee.

Kiper said it would be wise for the Lions to try and save Goff’s career by using the seventh overall pick to build around him, rather than burning the selection on another quarterback, be it Justin Fields. – his unnamed favorite quarterback prospect Trevor Lawrence – – Zach Wilson, Trey Lance or another QB prospect.

“That’s the problem with Matthew Stafford – he didn’t have enough talent around him,” Kiper said. “Defensively, they’ve always had problems. They tried to fix the offensive line, get the right running back, keep the receivers healthy, they added the tight end. They never made it all work together. They would always have a strength in that squad or squad, but due to injuries and players not living up to their potential, or anything that went wrong, they were never able to put it all together. place for Matthew Stafford. So I hope that with the new (regime), they can do it for Jared Goff.

“So to answer your question, I think Jared Goff can be a good quarterback in this league. Can he be super elite? Well there was a time when he was considered one of the young quarterbacks. -Brilliant fullback and a really good quarterback with a chance to be great when he led this team to a Super Bowl. So I think if he can recapture those moments and regain the confidence he had in there. ‘era, which may have been a bit lost this year, so I think Jared Goff is the right fit for the job.

The Lions are committed to Jared Goff in the short term, although his acquisition won’t stop Detroit from considering a quarterback with the seventh overall pick according to a source. And even if the club take a quarterback, Goff will still be with the squad for at least a year – his contract guarantees it – and likely two.

Goff will almost certainly start no matter what happens elsewhere in the post in 2021. New Lions offensive coordinator Anthony Lynn prefers to sit with rookie quarterbacks if possible, as he did when throwing Tyrod Taylor on Justin. Herbert while with the Chargers last season. But Taylor was injured at the start of the first month, Herbert entered training and won the title of offensive rookie of the year.

“If (the rookie) wins the battle at camp, you have to play the best player,” Lynn said recently. “If you don’t, you’re going to have a riot in the locker room, if you don’t put the best people on the pitch. But I would love to see this rookie sit down and watch for a little while.

“If he could watch half a season or the first year like Patrick Mahomes did, I think you can learn a lot from the good veteran quarterback because a lot of rookies come into this league and they’re not. ready. The speed of the game is twice as fast as in college. And if they don’t have success in today’s environment, with social media, things get messed up and some of these guys lose their self-confidence and, damn it, they never get her back. If I can seat a rookie, I will. If I can.”

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Pavel Datsyuk’s report “holed up” in a monastery seized by a priest is false Wed, 07 Apr 2021 23:17:41 +0000

A bizarre story from Russia claiming that former Detroit Red Wings star Pavel Datsyuk was among those who “holed up” in a monastery seized by a priest pushing a COVID-19 plot is apparently false.

Datsyuk is with his family in his cabin in Russia.

The report on said the priest, Shiigumen (Senior Father) Sergius, took control of the monastery after being ordered to stop services due to his beliefs in the COVID-19 conspiracy.

He claimed that the priest, at the central Urals monastery in Yekaterinburg, was guarding the area with Cossacks.

Sergius was reportedly banned from performing religious functions because of his claims that the COVID-19 outbreak was a “pseudo-pandemic” and that it was being used as an excuse to microchip the public. The priest complained that the closure of churches in Russia during the coronavirus pandemic was made under pressure from “atheist authorities”.

The report says Datsyuk appears to be supporting Sergius, who faced a church trial last Monday, which was postponed to June 26. The priest is accused of having disobeyed Patriarch Kirill.

Datsyuk, who turns 42 on July 20, has played in the Russian Continental Hockey League for the past four seasons after returning to his homeland. He spent the 2019-2020 season with his hometown of Yekaterinburg Automobilist.

Datsyuk played 14 seasons with the Red Wings, from 2001 to 2016.

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Former Pleasanton Banker Appointed Head of California Pollution Control Financing Authority | New Wed, 07 Apr 2021 23:17:39 +0000

California State Treasurer Fiona Ma recently appointed former Pleasanton banker Nancee Robles as executive director of the California Pollution Control Financing Authority (CPCFA).

Nancee Robles has worked with Fireside Bank for over 17 years.

The CPCFA “provides innovative, low-cost financing to California businesses, including by issuing tax-exempt private activity bonds for qualified waste and recycling projects, and other projects to control pollution and improve environmental performance. water supply, “according to Ma’s press release.

Currently a resident of Sacramento, Robles worked as a Senior Credit Supervisor and Senior Underwriting Trainer for Fireside Bank for over 17 years, most of those years spent in the Pleasanton office.

Robles then spent 11 years working for the state, as interim executive director of IBank, an agency that “funds public infrastructure and private development to promote jobs, the economy and quality of life. in California communities, ”the statement said.

Robles previously worked with CPCFA, managing the California Capital Access Program, which helps small businesses get loans and comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

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WADA President: Doctors Face Two-Front Battle Against COVID-19 Wed, 07 Apr 2021 23:17:37 +0000

In her remarks after her inauguration as the 175th President of WADA in June, Susan R. Bailey MD, compared the Doctors’ Journey to that of fictional heroes from tales such as “Star Wars” and the Harry Potter series of books and films.

Five months later, in his address to the WADA House of Delegates at WADA Special Meeting November 2020, she remained committed to praising the country’s doctors as they continue to fight a pandemic that is growing in record numbers across the country. She also acknowledged the toll COVID-19 has taken on the country, as well as the doctors working to defeat the virus.

“COVID-19 has brought immense challenges and pain to so many people, including our community of physicians,” said Dr. Bailey, allergist and immunologist in Fort Worth, Texas. “We sometimes fought mightily. ”

Those struggles, Dr Bailey said, have included numerous deaths and illnesses among doctors, a lack of proper equipment to help protect doctors, and a need for financial assistance to keep ailing medical practices afloat.

“As we approach the end of 2020, the pandemic feels a little different now,” Dr Bailey said. “We don’t know if it’s the end of the beginning or the beginning of the end. But we are a little wiser and a little tougher than before. We don’t know everything about the upcoming trip, but we do know a lot. ”

Fighting a historic pandemic is bad enough. Dr Bailey said doing it in concert with tackling misinformation about science and medicine has been a fight doctors shouldn’t have to fight.

“We can never again allow division politics to undermine our ability to provide the best care to our patients,” she said. “We will never again be able to allow anti-scientific prejudice and rhetoric to undermine our public health institutions and discredit the work of physicians, scientists and researchers.

“Never again,” she added, “can we not allow a campaign of disinformation and disinformation to co-opt conversations around public health and create divisions which only serve to prolong the suffering of so many people. We will never again be able to allow public health officials to feel the pressure of threats and intimidation just for doing their job. ”

In response to the pandemic, WADA has provided tools, support and resources to help physicians succeed during COVID-19. Among those Dr Bailey highlighted:

  • Push the Trump administration to ramp up production for SARS-CoV-2 testing and PPE.
  • Establishing a financial lifeline for ailing medical practices, guaranteeing tens of billions of dollars in financial support, grants and interest-free loans to inject the practices with the capital essential to survive this pandemic.
  • Continue to be a leading national voice for science, evidence and data as the safest path through this pandemic, by launching a major public health campaign to encourage everyone, everywhere #Hide.

WADA also continued to keep tabs on its pre-pandemic priorities, such as ensuring access to affordable and meaningful health insurance coverage for all patients, strengthening public health infrastructure, and striving to ” alleviate the burdens that threaten the health of doctors. -being.

“Despite the challenges of the past year – and they have been extraordinary – I continue to believe in the power of organized medicine to solve the lingering problems in our healthcare system,” said Dr Bailey. “I believe in science and evidence to light our way. And I believe in the strength and determination of physicians to meet any challenge and meet any time. The hero’s journey is our journey. And we are exactly where we are supposed to be.

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Rishabh Pant introduces friend ‘Spidey’ and shows him around Team India training session ahead of D / N test – WATCH Wed, 07 Apr 2021 23:17:36 +0000

WATCH: Rishabh Pant is showing a new “friend” around the IND web session. Photo credits ; Video capture


  • Rishabh Pant introduced new friend ‘Spidey’ ahead of D / N test in Ahmedabad
  • Pant showed ‘Spidey’ around Team India training session
  • India and England meet in third and penultimate test on February 24 in Ahmedabad

Rishabh Pant is one of those characters who often enjoys taking the air route while punching and continues to entertain the players of the Indian team behind the stumps with his original one-liners. Before the third and penultimate test between India and England in the picturesque Motera stadium in Ahmedabad, the goalkeeper-beater introduced everyone to his new friend “Spidey”.

As Team India sweat in the nets ahead of the crucial third day-night test in Ahmedabad, Pant shared a video on Instagram where he can be seen enjoying his time with a drone. He named the device “Spidey”.

Pant took his official Instagram account and captioned the post, “I spent a lot of time behind the stumps, thought about taking a new view on the nets today! Meet my new friend, I’m calling him spidey #drone #tech # RP17 # 17 “

Even the official Instagram handle of the Indian cricket team shared a similar video. The caption read, “Successfully shoots and shiny stumps. Hit the big six with ease. @Rishabpant is now having fun with the drone camera.”

The pants have been in sublime form lately. After being India’s top runner in the 2020/21 Border-Gavaskar Trophy against Australia in their own den, the 23-year-old left-hander scored a 91 fine in the first test against England in Chennai. While his bat failed to produce anything significant in the second test, India won the game overall by 317 points to organize a return to the series.

In addition to his stick, Kohli credited Pant with his antics on and off the pitch, which keeps the team in a good mood. “He’s (Pant) a fun-loving guy on the pitch. It is his personality and his essence. We want him to keep doing it that way because it keeps the boys entertained and the conversation is very helpful when the going is tough and things aren’t going your way, ”Kohli said in the post interview. -match after India lost the first Test against England.

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