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A new report from the Government Accountability Office (GAO) sheds new light on the enforcement activities of the DOL’s Employee Benefits Security Administration.

The 56-page report, Enforcement efforts to protect the rights of members of employer-sponsored pension and health benefit plans, provides what amounts to a tutorial on EBSA enforcement activities, including:

  • how the agency manages its execution process;
  • strategies to improve investigative processes and ensure the quality of execution; and
  • the immediate and long-term challenges of COVID-19 for EBSAs and private sector pension and health plans.

As part of its nearly 18-month investigation, GAO analyzed data and documents from EBSA and interviewed officials from EBSA’s country office and three regional offices, as well as knowledgeable stakeholders. on service compliance requirements.

He found that the 10 most common offense categories accounted for almost 97% of all offenses. In the retirement field, the most common ERISA violation categories found in EBSA investigations closed for fiscal 2020 included:

  • Fiduciary imprudence (869 cases)
  • Exclusive use (793 cases)
  • Fiduciary transactions for own account (543 cases)
  • Transactions prohibited with an interested party (457 cases)
  • Non-compliance with plan documents (344 cases)
  • Unfair advantage for the employer (235 cases)
  • Disclosure requirement: plan descriptions and summary plan descriptions (183 cases)
  • Collage (159 cases)
  • Report violation: annual reports (84 cases)
  • Failure to establish trust (55 cases)

Overall, EBSA investigators identified 4,273 violations in the 1,411 investigations closed in FY2020. This included 3,776 pension plan violations out of 1,056 closed investigations and 377 plan violations. health out of 288 closed investigations.

Additional results for fiscal 2020 show that nearly 84% of investigations were civil and over 16% were criminal, resulting in payments of over $ 3 billion to members and plans.

The GAO notes that the last time it conducted a similar review was in 2007. Over the past decade, however, pension plan assets have grown from over $ 5 trillion to $ 10 trillion. $ 7 billion, with EBSA’s supervisory authority extending to nearly 722,000 pension plans and approximately 2.5 million health plans as of fiscal 2020.

Cases decrease, recoveries increase

One of the most significant changes in the EBSA execution process, according to the report, came in 2013, when the agency began prioritizing cases that could affect many people and recover important assets. . As expected, as EBSA conducted more complex and technical investigations, the number of closed cases declined, while monetary recoveries increased. In fact, the total monetary recoveries for participants more than doubled between fiscal 2011 and fiscal 2020.

The GAO also found that nearly 80% of total recoveries from all sources were from major cases in 2020. During the same period, the total number of closed investigations fell by more than 62%.

According to EBSA, with the exception of those regarding employee stock ownership plans, investigations into plans identified through EBSA’s targeting methods were more likely to identify a violation than sample investigations.

To ensure the quality of investigations, EBSA says it offers training, documents procedures and reviews open and closed cases to assess whether investigative procedures were followed, the report notes.

Impact of the pandemic

Regarding the current challenges for the application of the EBSA, the GAO notes that in some cases, officials of the EBSA have raised the same issues as industry stakeholders regarding the COVID-19 pandemic, such as the challenge of adjusting to a remote working environment, delayed communications and lack of guidance. .

EBSA officials also described some unique challenges, including delays in their investigations, changes to investigative processes and closed courts. For example, EBSA officials have reported that court closures have temporarily slowed criminal cases, but virtual hearings have increased, litigation has resumed.

Unsurprisingly, potential long-term challenges include difficulty locating the many participants who may have quit their jobs due to the pandemic and may be unaware that they left retirement funds, according to stakeholders and officials. of EBSA interviewed. Limited travel, business failures and fraud are other potential long-term challenges cited by EBSA officials, according to the report.

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6 Ways to Help Clients Avoid IRMAA Medicare Supplements in Retirement https://lost-worlds.com/6-ways-to-help-clients-avoid-irmaa-medicare-supplements-in-retirement/ https://lost-worlds.com/6-ways-to-help-clients-avoid-irmaa-medicare-supplements-in-retirement/#respond Thu, 10 Jun 2021 20:07:37 +0000 https://lost-worlds.com/6-ways-to-help-clients-avoid-irmaa-medicare-supplements-in-retirement/

What would you like to know

  • Health insurance surcharges for high-income retirees can reduce income.
  • With the right income withdrawal strategies, your clients can reduce their exposure to these charges.
  • Roth IRAs, life insurance, and reverse mortgages can be invaluable tools.

Retirees are declaring bankruptcy at much higher rates today than in the past. In fact, the the bankruptcy rate for people aged 65 and over has increased by more than 200% from 1991 to today.

One of the main reasons for this increase in bankruptcies is the skyrocketing cost of medical care. Example: A 65-year-old couple retiring in 2021 will need $ 300,000 to cover their health care and medical costs throughout their retirement, according to the latest annual retiree health care from Fidelity Investments. estimated price.

Financial advisers should be aware of the long term risks that can arise from these health care costs and should be prepared with solutions. In addition, they need to understand how Medicare’s monthly income-related adjustment amount (IRMAA) can affect the financial security of retirees.

IRMAA is a means-tested program that was created in 2003 to help extend Medicare solvency by increasing the premium that some Medicare beneficiaries pay based on their income. Since 2003, the income brackets of the IRMAA, calculated from the modified adjusted gross income (MAGI) of the two previous years of a retiree, determine the increases paid by the highest incomes.

People who reported MAGIs of less than $ 85,000 and married couples jointly filing MAGIs who reported MAGIs of less than $ 170,000 in their 2019 returns pay the current Medicare Part B premium of 148. $ 50 per month.

Individuals and couples reporting higher MAGIs in 2019 currently incur an IRMAA surtax on Parts B and D. These surcharges are assessed on five levels. At worst, if a single filer’s MAGI exceeds $ 500,000 and a couple’s MAGI exceeds $ 750,000, the surcharge would be more than double the basic Medicare premium. A person paying the premium plus the surcharge could pay more than three times the basic Medicare premium compared to those not affected by the IRMAA.

Indexed to the IPC-U

Fortunately, a law was passed in 2020 which resulted in the indexing of the IRMAA ranges to the Consumer Price Index for Urban Consumers (CPI-U). This means that a retiree will have to have a higher MAGI than in previous years to be subject to the surcharges. MAGIs for 2021 are $ 88,000 for single filers and $ 176,000 for joint filers.

But there are still a few subtle but important pitfalls advisers can help clients avoid when setting up retirement savings and retirement income distribution plans. These can be triggered by:

  • Excessive spending at the start of retirement. Many retirees tend to spend more early in retirement when they are healthy, active, and ticking off items on their to-do list. Since IRMAA surcharges are calculated based on a two-year “look back” period for MAGI, clients may be affected by IRMAA surcharges even if their income drops significantly in the middle of their retirement.
  • Start of minimum required distributions. Americans are required to make withdrawals from most retirement plans – with the exception of Roth IRAs – when they reach age 72. The withdrawal amount is based on the client’s remaining life expectancy as determined by the IRS Unified Table and the December 31 total. qualified account value.

The higher the value of the account at the end of the year, the higher the annual RMD. In the early years of MSY, the investment balance may grow faster than the percentage required by the MSY calculation, and therefore, as the MSY factor increases due to aging, it is applied to a value of d greater investment. This could catapult customers into a higher IRMAA range, resulting in higher premium surcharges.

6 strategies to avoid IRMAA problems

1. Do not assume that unqualified accounts should be used first in a liquidation order strategy.

A popular pre-retirement accumulation strategy is to defer taxes as long as possible. The assumption is that many people will be in a lower tax bracket upon retirement than they were when they were still working. Unfortunately, continuing to defer taxes on distributions from qualifying accounts (i.e. 401 (k) s, IRAs, 403 (b) s, 457s, etc.) after retirement by taking the income first. unqualified accounts, could result in the balance of the qualified account. (s) becoming so important that when the retiree turns 72 when they are required to start receiving distributions, the RMD not only taxes more income than the retiree wants or needs, but also moves them into an IRMAA supplement bracket on their Medicare premiums.

This could result in over $ 100,000 in future IRMAA charges which could be avoided with proper planning. There is no “rule of thumb” for which liquidation order works best for everyone. Avoidance of IRMAA is one factor that influences the wind-up order, but there are others that should be considered.

2. Consider Roth conversions.

A Roth conversion, in which all or part of the balance of an existing traditional IRA is converted to a Roth IRA, is another way to avoid ending up in higher IRMAA ranges.

This may result in paying more taxes and IRMAA surcharges for a short time now, but can avoid ongoing IRMAA surcharges later if the client is forced to collect more income due to higher RMD. Keep in mind that Medicare determines your IRMAA bracket by reviewing your tax return two years before the RMDs. If possible, complete your Roth conversions before the age of 69.

3. Use RMDs for charitable contributions.

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Recipe Developer and Dawn Perry Recipe Author https://lost-worlds.com/recipe-developer-and-dawn-perry-recipe-author/ https://lost-worlds.com/recipe-developer-and-dawn-perry-recipe-author/#respond Wed, 09 Jun 2021 17:15:52 +0000 https://lost-worlds.com/recipe-developer-and-dawn-perry-recipe-author/

a bunch of food on a table: Dawn Perry brings simplicity and flavor to her new recipes for our weekday meal series.  (Silvia Razgova / For the Times)

© (Silvia Razgova / For the Times)
Dawn Perry brings simplicity and flavor to her new recipes for our weekday meal series. (Silvia Razgova / For the Times)

This is the third part of our Meal week series, which will give you five weekday dinner recipes with all the planning and strategizing integrated. Each meal makes four servings, comes together – from start to finish – in under 60 minutes, and requires 10 ingredients or less (not including cooking oil, salt and pepper or water). Groceries for all five meals can be purchased at a single grocery store and on a single shopping trip (remember, we’re looking to alleviate your frustration) and will cost less than $ 100 in total.

Writer, recipe developer, and cookbook author Dawn Perry provides the recipes for this episode. Here’s how she plans her weekday meals and the ingredients that inspire her dishes, which must come together quickly and easily while feeding her two young children.

“I rarely make a meal plan for the whole week. Instead, I’m thinking broadly – what protein do we have? – and then build from there, depending on what’s in the pantry. My cookbook, “Ready, ready, cooking” [publishing Nov. 2, 2021], is all about making meals from whatever you have on hand, so I rely heavily on sustainable pantry items like garlic, canned beans, potatoes, and bread, then I add fresh vegetables and protein.

“I also try to do a few things that can be reused throughout the week, whether it’s for other dinners or as part of lunch – marinated chickpeas to become chickpea pancakes, green onion and caper relish can be used as a dressing or gravy for just about the rest of the week. This way, every meal doesn’t have to start all over from scratch.

“Oh, a note on feeding my little kids, almost 4 and almost 2: I wish I could say they are adventurous eaters, but they are more carb and cheese focused – can you blame them ? I try to include at least one thing in the meal that they will eat without complaining, like yogurt, toast, or pasta without the greens. These recipes mostly fit this bill, and when all else fails, I’ll make an accompanying quesadilla. – as said to Ben Mims

The Dawn’s neighborhood grocery store:

Pavilions, 29211 Heathercliff Road, Malibu, (310) 457-2401

Get the recipes:

This story originally appeared in Los Angeles Times.

Continue reading

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911 operators will see an increase in their starting wages and pension benefits for new employees will change as of July 1 https://lost-worlds.com/911-operators-will-see-an-increase-in-their-starting-wages-and-pension-benefits-for-new-employees-will-change-as-of-july-1/ https://lost-worlds.com/911-operators-will-see-an-increase-in-their-starting-wages-and-pension-benefits-for-new-employees-will-change-as-of-july-1/#respond Wed, 09 Jun 2021 16:02:49 +0000 https://lost-worlds.com/911-operators-will-see-an-increase-in-their-starting-wages-and-pension-benefits-for-new-employees-will-change-as-of-july-1/

The Polk County Commission, at its Tuesday meeting, ruled that 911 operators should get a pay scale increase for their starting salaries, and on July 1 anyone subsequently hired will now have a pension plan different from that of current employees.

County commissioners voted unanimously at their June 8 regular session to approve the two changes along with a resolution to be sent to the Georgia County Commissioners Association (ACCG) to ensure they are also aware of the change in retirement policy.

The demand for a salary increase on the salary scale put in place by the county after the completion and implementation of a salary study in 2019, and aims to bring the starting salary of 911 dispatchers to a equivalent level with counties in the region.

Commissioner Chuck Thaxton asked during the pre-vote discussion whether the salary of the new 911 dispatchers would be equivalent to those of the Polk County Police or the Polk County Sheriff’s Office, but as explained by the Commissioner Ray Carter, this is not a 1-1 scenario.

While the starting salary will not be the same as that of a certified police officer, it will be equal to or greater than market value, Carter said.

Commissioner Scotty Tillery said he views 911 dispatchers the same as emergency first responders, due to the difficulty of their jobs and the emotional toil they face on a daily basis.

The unanimous vote to increase the salary scale will take effect on July 1.

The same will be true of how new hires will receive retirement benefits. Beginning in early July, anyone hired by the county will upgrade to 457B and 401A plans with no correspondence required up to 4% of an employee’s annual salary, and up to 3% dollar to dollar for employee contributions. . The change comes as a way to ensure that employees who decide to quit their jobs in the county can retire with them and potentially invest it in other funds instead of having to wait for a pension.

Additionally, choosing this avenue for retirement benefits for new hires will also result in a decrease over time in the amount of pension funds the county has to keep on the books and reduce the amount of taxpayer money spent. each year in contributions to employees who have served their 30s. years.

The resolution provided to the ACCG and approved by the committee also ensured that the ACCG is aware of the changes to the plan and allows them to act on them.

Other financial matters undertaken during the June 8 session included formal approval of federal and state funds for the US bailout. The money – signed by County Manager Matt Denton in May – comes with terms of use, but was provided directly by the US Treasury.

Previously, at the start of the pandemic and after that when the CARES law money was made available to the county and towns, they had to apply for these funds from the state and only received part of what was allocated to each municipality instead of the total amount.

The cities and county have all used the CARES Act dollars to help during pandemic shutdowns to help with salaries, pay for renovation costs to help keep agencies open and employees protected from contact with the public, and other elements linked to reopening strategies, such as PPP gear and thermometer stations, among others.

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Saints’ Jameis Winston and Taysom Hill support each other but focus on getting a job as QB competition looms https://lost-worlds.com/saints-jameis-winston-and-taysom-hill-support-each-other-but-focus-on-getting-a-job-as-qb-competition-looms/ https://lost-worlds.com/saints-jameis-winston-and-taysom-hill-support-each-other-but-focus-on-getting-a-job-as-qb-competition-looms/#respond Tue, 08 Jun 2021 22:02:51 +0000 https://lost-worlds.com/saints-jameis-winston-and-taysom-hill-support-each-other-but-focus-on-getting-a-job-as-qb-competition-looms/

METAIRIE, Louisiana – Jameis Winston and Taysom Hill both praised each other on Tuesday, insisting they support each other in their fight to become Drew Brees’ successor with the New Orleans Saints .

Both quarterbacks are determined to make the most of this opportunity.

“A year without playing made me even hungrier to take over (the helm) and lead a team,” said Winston, 27, who supported Brees and Hill last year after spending his first five years in as an entry with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. “My next seven years in this league have been a blessing as I have worked my whole life for the opportunity to be a starting quarterback in this league.”

Hill, meanwhile, said he had fully focused this offseason on being a quarterback after the 30-year-old played multiple roles both on offense and on special teams over the past few weeks. last four years.

“I’ve really been able to adapt all of my training and everything to be just a quarterback… just knowing and feeling like I won’t have to face as much as I did last year. So that’s the focus. But the mindset of getting better every day and improving on what you’ve done in the past hasn’t changed, ”said Hill, who said ‘He had focused a lot on his footwork and decision-making process after the experience he gained from his four starts as Brees was injured in 2020.

Hill said Winston was “super united” during his time replacing Brees, and said the two “had a lot of conversations during this process.”

“I think there’s obviously a lot of talk here about this competition and everything – but I support him a lot, and I only felt support from him as well,” said Hill.

Winston, for his part, said he and Hill “have the same mindset” – namely to win and “to be our best selves”.

“That’s what I respect at Taysom because he’s a man who can do so many great things for this team, and he’s done so many great things for this organization since he’s been here,” Winston continued. . “So trying to find ways to serve him and work with him is going to make us both better at leading our teammates and working with them as well.”

The QB competition is not yet fully launched in New Orleans, as the Saints have not hosted traditional training sessions during OTAs or the minicamp this spring.

Coach Sean Payton has said he’s ready to tailor his attack based on either quarterback’s strengths and weaknesses.

“We’re going to build it around this player a bit as a result. It’s something we did when Drew first came here and we would do with either of those two players,” Payton said Tuesday after day one of the Saints’ mandatory minicamp. , which he said included 100% player attendance.

Obviously, an attack centered around Hill would showcase his rushing ability, as he ran for 457 yards last year while starting four games at QB and appearing in most others in option packages. reading. An attack centered around Winston would certainly showcase his downward arm strength. And a big priority for both would be to reduce turnover.

When asked how their unique styles would affect their competition in training camp – whether each QB would perform different games during their rehearsals, etc. – Payton suggested the differences would not be substantial.

“There are some things you could do specifically for one or the other. And yet there is still an overall philosophical approach that these guys will have learned to play on offense,” Payton said. “It’s not a completely different game plan for each of them.”

Both Winston and Hill are expected to become free agents after this season, further raising the stakes for their competition.

Winston is trying to rekindle his reputation as a former No.1 draft pick and Heisman Trophy winner. The Buccaneers let him go in 2020 and moved on to Tom Brady after Winston sadly became the first quarterback in NFL history to throw at least 30 touchdown passes and 30 interceptions in the same season. , while leading the league with 5,109 passing yards.

Winston signed a one-year contract with the Saints in 2020 worth $ 1.1 million plus incentives to learn under Payton and Brees. He then joined the Saints as a free agent this offseason, signing another one-year contract worth between $ 5.5 million and $ 12.5 million, incentive-based.

Hill began his career as an undrafted free agent with the Green Bay Packers in 2017 before being claimed by the Saints on waivers that year and eventually became a versatile ace QB / TE / WR / RB / special teams. He signed a two-year, $ 21 million contract as a restricted free agent in 2020.

Also on Tuesday, the Saints announced the signing of their entire 2021 rookie class after creating much-needed salary cap space by restructuring the contract of cornerback Marshon Lattimore, as first reported by NFL Network.

Lattimore is entering the final year of his rookie contract and declined to comment on Tuesday on the status of possible long-term extension talks. But a source confirmed that Lattimore had agreed to convert most of his planned salary of $ 10.2 million into bonuses this year and add self-canceling years at the end of his contract – which should give the Saints a few million dollars of respite.

The Saints started the week with less than a million dollars in ceiling space. But now they can afford to add a veteran free agent or two, on top of the rookie class.

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Norwich bus plans are ridiculous https://lost-worlds.com/norwich-bus-plans-are-ridiculous/ https://lost-worlds.com/norwich-bus-plans-are-ridiculous/#respond Tue, 08 Jun 2021 04:30:00 +0000 https://lost-worlds.com/norwich-bus-plans-are-ridiculous/

Plans to add a bus lane to Cromer Road and Aylsham Road in Norwich have been called a waste of money by residents, but council officials say it will cut bus times.

Two new sections of bus lanes to Norwich city center were put into consultation earlier this year, funded by the £ 32million government city transformation fund.

Residents have reacted overwhelmingly against the plans, with Lodore Avenue resident Taylor Coburn calling the plans “ridiculous.”

“It’s just not necessary, it will do more harm than good, I think, it will block the road 100%, making it more congested and more difficult for everyone,” said the 18-year-old. .

Taylor Coburn of Lodore Avenue
– Credit: George Thompson

“It just makes me a little disappointed, it will cost a lot of money and I think it could be used for other things for the community.”

Plans call for the installation of a dedicated bus lane between Fifers Lane and Mayfield Avenue on Cromer Road and the second on Aylsham Road, between Suckling Avenue and Woodcock Road.

The two bus lanes would be shared with cyclists and would operate 24/7.

You can also watch:

“My take is I’d rather not have it, it’s a busy road,” said John Tuttle, 73, a resident of Cromer Road.

“It’s hard enough to cross the road as it is, what will happen when it’s congested?”

“I’m not sure the cost will make a big enough difference.

“Without a camera system to fine people, you’re going to get people to keep driving in it.”

Carla Dransfield, 43, of Cromer Road, said the plans would be a “nightmare” that could end up being worse for the environment.

Carla Dransfield of Cromer Road

Carla Dransfield of Cromer Road
– Credit: George Thompson

“It will end up congesting even further, which will be even worse for the environment,” she said.

Mr Tuttle and other residents have expressed concerns about what this would mean for the shoulders and sidewalks and whether they needed to be reduced in size.

A consultation on the plans ended in March, with the overwhelming majority of 457 respondents speaking out against the plans.

In total, 78.77%

John Tuttle, 73, a Cromer Road

John Tuttle, 73, a Cromer Road
– Credit: George Thompson

In response to the consultation, city officials will reduce bus travel times by approximately 15%.

They said: “The traffic modeling shows a low impact on the general traffic, with an increase in the peak period of up to 6pc. ”

They rejected suggestions that the plans could lead to rat races or worsen air quality.

They also took issue with the assumption that the route had insufficient bus traffic, claiming that it was used by 180 buses per day on arrival and that creating the 24-hour bus lane was to “achieve all the advantages “.

“Traffic monitoring along this route and bus tracking information have highlighted traffic jams and delays, especially during rush hour.

“This is also reflected in the Hellesdon neighborhood plan, which says that ‘what people hate the most about life in the parish is the level of traffic, busy roads and congestion.

“Bus operators have reported that rush hour bus travel times can take 3 to 4 minutes longer.”

Not all residents were against the plans, on Aylsham Road Ms Webster said she would benefit from taking the bus to work, while a Lodore Avenue resident praised the plans but did not believe it should be 24 hours a day, which he described as “OTT”.

Shelagh Gurney County Council and District Councilor David King have raised concerns about the plans, but welcomed the additional funding that will be spent on road maintenance and resurfacing.

A decision on the plans will go before joint committee of cities in transformation on Thursday, June 10.

Martin Wilby, member of Norfolk County Council’s cabinet for highways, infrastructure and transport, and chair of the Transforming Cities Fund Joint Committee, was contacted for comment.

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London Borough of Lambeth adds Renault electric vans to its fleet – https://lost-worlds.com/london-borough-of-lambeth-adds-renault-electric-vans-to-its-fleet/ https://lost-worlds.com/london-borough-of-lambeth-adds-renault-electric-vans-to-its-fleet/#respond Mon, 07 Jun 2021 12:41:42 +0000 https://lost-worlds.com/london-borough-of-lambeth-adds-renault-electric-vans-to-its-fleet/

Council in Lambeth, a borough in south London, has taken delivery of six Kangoo E-Tech vans, Renault said. The new zero-emission vans are the first purchased by the Council and complement a fully electric Renault Zoe E-Tech car already in the fleet.

Lambeth, which is one of the most polluted areas in London, wants to become a carbon neutral borough by 2030. The Council also aims to electrify 30% of its landscape division’s fleet as part of action on air quality over five years. Plan.

The new Kangoo E-Tech vans that have just arrived will be used by staff in the landscape division for daily visits to council work on Lambeth’s 10.36 square miles. The existing Renault Zoe car is used by the department’s tree inspector.

Lambeth Council has also installed 13 new 7kW chargers at its five maintenance depots in the borough. Using the wallboxes will recharge the Renault Kangoo E-Tech to 100% in six hours, according to the manufacturer. Renault claims a potential range of up to 143 miles (WLTP) for the van.

All Kangoo E-Tech vans were supplied in Business trim, which includes standard features such as power exterior mirrors and front windows, ABS with electronic brake force distribution and USB connectivity, among others. .

Robert Presnall, Lambeth Landscapes Transportation Manager, said: “For anything under 3.5t we now only consider electrified vehicles. Regarding the lower running costs, he added that it was “actually very difficult to justify a diesel or gasoline van of similar size”.

The Kangoo E-Tech costs from £ 23,000 excluding VAT after the Van Grant Plug-in. The offer is part of the Renault Pro + range, which includes the Renault Master E-Tech and the Zoe Van E-Tech, which combines the equipment and the 245 km range of the passenger car version with a payload of 457 kg in Business version.


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Family of homicide victim pleads for LMPD to give them answers after triple shooting https://lost-worlds.com/family-of-homicide-victim-pleads-for-lmpd-to-give-them-answers-after-triple-shooting/ https://lost-worlds.com/family-of-homicide-victim-pleads-for-lmpd-to-give-them-answers-after-triple-shooting/#respond Sun, 06 Jun 2021 14:28:00 +0000 https://lost-worlds.com/family-of-homicide-victim-pleads-for-lmpd-to-give-them-answers-after-triple-shooting/

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) – A triple shooting in the Highland Park neighborhood early Friday morning left a teenager dead and two others injured. Now the family is pleading for answers after not hearing from LMPD.

“He had the biggest heart, he was the best person, he was the best person in the world,” cried Demauria Gathings, sister of 17-year-old Lamaurie Gathings.

On Friday morning, the family of Lamaurie Gathings, 17, learned of a triple shooting. Inside the car, Lamaurie, her cousin Dewayne Smith, also 17, and a teenage girl were all shot dead. Lamaurie was declared dead at the scene.

According to LMPD, officers were called to the Block 4300 from Old Park Boulevard around 3:45 a.m.

Now Lamaurie’s family want answers as they plan her funeral.

“I haven’t heard anything from LMPD, the detectives working on the case,” said Marcus Collins, Lamaurie’s stepfather. “I’m here planning my son’s funeral now and just want some answers. “

Collins said he doesn’t trust LMPD agents to do their job properly, asking anyone with information to call him and help get justice for his son.

“My son has no criminal record, has never been in trouble with the law,” Collins explained. “I don’t even have fingerprints up there so if anyone has any answers or anything let us know or contact me at 502-457-3917 you don’t need to call the police, contact me, let me know what’s going on, my name is marcus.

WAVE 3 News now. Watch anytime. All over.(News WAVE 3)

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NEW ORLEANS – The US Fish and Wildlife Service plans to add wetlands to a national wildlife refuge in New Orleans and is seeking public comment. The Bayou Sauvage National Wildlife Refuge is one of the largest urban refuges in the national system, covering 22,265 acres (9,000 hectares) near the eastern tip of town. SENT: 318 words.


LAFAYETTE, Louisiana – It has been nine months since Ashley LaCour and her family slept at their home on Calcasieu Lake, just south of Charles Lake. The family of six were evacuated in late August, days before Hurricane Laura swept through southwest Louisiana, causing more than $ 19 billion in damage. By Ashley White and Leigh Guidry, Lafayette Daily Advertiser. SENT: 1,444 words.

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BOGALUSA, Louisiana – Whenever Wendy Perrette saw the big white trailer outside her elementary school, she knew it would be a good day. It meant stepping out of the classroom and following her colored thread to different stations, where researchers took her height and weight, measured her skin folds, asked about nutrition, and took her blood pressure. The excitement outweighed the fear that they would spill blood. By Emily Woodruff, The Times-Picayune / The News Orleans Advocate. SUBMITTED: 1,601 words.

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India’s ‘Quad’ suspicious credentials | The Japan Times https://lost-worlds.com/indias-quad-suspicious-credentials-the-japan-times/ https://lost-worlds.com/indias-quad-suspicious-credentials-the-japan-times/#respond Sat, 05 Jun 2021 01:00:17 +0000 https://lost-worlds.com/indias-quad-suspicious-credentials-the-japan-times/

A chain is as strong as its weakest link. The quadrilateral security dialogue process brings together Japan, Australia, India and the United States as an informal group of democracies to cooperate around the vast and critical Indo-Pacific maritime space.

India has always been the weakest link in the chain. Its massive armed forces equipped with nuclear weapons are a bulwark against China’s far superior military might. Yet it is a very poor country with a per capita income of only 3% to 5% of the other three; a weak state with limited capacity to govern over a billion people; and a soft state without the political will to make and implement tough decisions.

The second wave of COVID-19 in April and May is India’s greatest national tragedy and international embarrassment since partition in 1947. The national and world press has covered this in detail (more than they would in their own). own country), with images of people panting to death in the streets, bodies piled up awaiting the last rites and cremation, and masses of corpses floating in the Ganges, many of which had washed up on its banks. Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s carefully cultivated bubble of competence has been shattered by the open display of mass incompetence.

In the wake of this brutal and sinister reminder of its multiple pathologies and weaknesses, the question must be asked: from what point would India become a handicap rather than an asset for the other “Quad” partners? The question is important because the other three are linked together in formal alliances by security treaties and India is not, showing less commitment.

The excitement, expectations and hopes of the Modi government in 2014, with promises of “minimum government, maximum governance” and “sabka sath, sabka viswas, sabka vikash”(With all, with the confidence of all, development for all), are memories that fade away. On June 1, the official number of COVID-19 deaths per million in India was 238 compared to the global average of 457, the United States at 1,832, the United Kingdom at 1,873 and Brazil at 2 163.

The crux of the matter is therefore not the uncontrolled spread of COVID-19, but the lack of adequate public health infrastructure and the availability of medical supplies, equipment and drugs. India is a sobering reminder of why a strong economy is not an optional luxury but a prerequisite for good health.

Modi’s neglect of urgent economic and governance reforms in addition to the demands of a good public health infrastructure – choosing instead to go into semi-permanent campaign mode in every state election and focusing on a Hindu nationalist agenda – has further exacerbated the misery of COVID-19.

The health of people is vitally dependent on a healthy economy that empowers government to create an effective, universally accessible public health system. No country gets better health outcomes from getting poorer.

The pandemic, for its part, accelerated an economic decline that had already started. According to World Bank figures, India’s annual GDP growth increased from 8.3% in 2016 to 4.2% in 2019. It contracted by 7.3% in 2020-2021 and GDP forecasts for 2021 have been revised down by around 17%, the worst among G20 countries. .

India has seen the worst of both worlds: a shattered economy and a massive COVID-19 toll that peaked in May, with the official tally recording nearly 400,000 new cases daily and more than 4,000 new deaths daily. The recovery will be long-drawn, both on the disease front and on the economic front.

The continuing legal battle with Vodafone over retrospective tax claims has eroded investor confidence. The goods and services tax suffered from design flaws and was poorly enforced. The voodoo economy of demonetization was a disaster. And withdrawing into itself by rejecting the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership signaled a lack of confidence in India’s competitiveness.

Slogans and sycophantic squads can neither mask nor compensate for these pathologies. India went from being the major economy to the fastest growing in the world when Modi took over, to the fastest shrinking.

The nation’s democratic credentials are also eroding, as shown by the Economist Intelligence Unit’s annual Democracy Index surveys, the US Freedom House report and the Swedish Varieties of Democracy project.

The methodological flaws in any report can be called into question, but the main trends converge in a compelling setback tale of democratic institutions, practices, and discourse. Domestic unity was also strained by injecting the poison of religious tensions into what had been a remarkably stable set of live-and-let arrangements for decades.

In a provocative 2009 article, Lant Pritchett, then at Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government, described India as a “troubled state.” Using examples from health, education and driver’s licenses, he said the ‘head’ of decision-making was disconnected from the ‘arms and legs’ of implementation and the state struggled helplessly with the highest malnutrition rate in the world, vaccination rates lower than African countries and child mortality worse than in Bangladesh. Confused, chaotic, shaken by pain and tossed about helplessly – Pritchett accurately foreshadowed the coronavirus experience in India.

COVID-19 has brutally exposed the emptiness of India’s claims to power, status and influence and boasts of being a vaccine superpower and pharmacy to the world.

The virtual Quad summit in March already seems like a distant dream. Echoing its birth amid the humanitarian crisis of the Indian Ocean tsunami in 2004, the four leaders agreed to partner in the production and distribution of “safe, accessible and effective vaccines” in collaboration with the ‘World Health Organization.

India is committed to accelerating and expanding the production of American vaccines; Japan has pledged to provide financial assistance; the United States has pledged to put its scientific and technological shoulder at the service of the collective effort, and Australia has said it will logistically assist with distribution in Southeast Asia.

After seven years of uncontrolled exercises of power, the Modi government cannot credibly blame predecessors or foreign troublemakers for the grim situation. Sadly, India’s biggest indictment is the lack of a viable national alternative to the ruling Bharatiya Janata (BJP) party.

The Congress Party is the only other national opposition group, but the only glue that holds it together is the Gandhi family. Far from inspiring people and giving them hope for the future, this sad reality fills them with despair. Congress also cannot match the BJP’s fundraising, organizing and public communication skills.

However, if by some miracle, the exogenous shock of COVID-19 shatters the pride and arrogance of the government, encourages it to undertake the economic and governance reforms it urgently needs, shifts it to a more political posture. accommodating and pluralistic at home and greater openness to free trade, its attractiveness as a Quad partner will grow. Don’t hold your breath for this triumph of hope over experience.

Ramesh Thakur is Professor Emeritus at the Crawford School of Public Policy, Australian National University.

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