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The River Valley School Board on Tuesday appointed David Marshall as director of finance and operations.

Her nomination was approved by a 6 to 3 vote, with directors Rick Harper, Molly Stiles, Connie Constantino, Mary Whitfield, Anthony “Tim” Canzano and Holly Gibson being in favor, and Beverly Caranese, Holly Hall and Linda Brown s’ are opposed to it.

For the position, Marshall will receive a starting salary of $ 100,000, “pending all documents from the attorney,” according to the motion.

In August, Marshall was appointed acting director of finance and operations with a salary of $ 97,730, with the board accepting the resignation of Frank Ayato, commercial director, effective August 17.

In the same vote, the board of directors appointed Constance Gizzi deputy director of finance and operations at a rate of $ 70,000, prorated from August 17th.

In other matters, counsel:

• Heard from parents who have expressed concerns over the state mask mandate and called on the board to stop requiring masks for students, citing breathing issues, health concerns and more.

• Hired Barb Mehalov as a consultant for the comprehensive district plan for an amount not exceeding $ 24,000, paid for by grant funding.

• Approval of an addendum with Twisted Computing for the management and support of camera servers, camera software, camera infrastructure and camera installation for the district at a one-time cost of $ 34,000 for the current term of the contract.

• Purchase 150 laptops, from CDW, for no more than $ 124,000, paid for by grant funding.

• Hired Larissa Csanyi as Student Information Systems Administrator at a rate of $ 60,000 per year, as an Act 93 position.

• Hired John H. Lizza of Professional Real Estate Appraisal Services Inc. for real estate appraisal services in tax appraisal appeals filed in the Indiana County Court of Common Pleas. The rates will be $ 3,900 for completing and preparing assessment reports and an hourly rate of $ 125 for trial preparation services and $ 250 per hour for trial testimony if required.

• Approved a three year agreement with ARIN IU28 for SchoolCast services, at a total rate of $ 809.01, which includes a 5% discount.

• Approval of an agreement with ChannelBound LLC for Affordable Care Act services.

• Approval of a proposal from TSA Consulting Group for the administration services of the 403 (b) and 457 (b) plans, at no cost.

• Approval of a three-year agreement with Waste Management Service.

• Approval of a memorandum of understanding with Smith Bus Co. for a new fare format.

• Nearpod renewed for $ 12,375, paid for by grant funding.

• Renewed reading eggs for $ 2,800.

• Renewed Mathseeds, from 3P Learning, for $ 4,140.

• Will purchase Acer and Lenovo power adapters, from CDW, for $ 1,800, paid for by grant funding.

• Approval of a three-year Screencastify subscription totaling $ 23,625, which includes a 10% discount, paid for by the grant.

• Approval of a three-year NWEA MAP Growth Assessments Agreement, in an amount not to exceed a total of $ 33,962, paid for through grant funding.

• Will purchase EdInsight Professional Development, at a cost not to exceed $ 2,500, paid for through grant funding.

• Renewed Discovery Release, of ARIN IU28, for $ 1,133.82.

• Approval of the CIHS sociology course.

• Approval of a three-year agreement with ALEKS Math, in an amount not to exceed $ 34,020 for the total agreement.

• Approval of the River Valley Cyber ​​Academy 2021-2022 manual.

• Approval of an affiliation agreement with the IUP, for the field experience of the educators and clinicians of the IUP 2021-22.

• Approval of Memorandum of Understanding between Pennsylvania State Police and River Valley School District.

• Approval of the 2021-2022 Student Assistance Program agreement with the Community Guidance Center of Indiana to provide services.

• Approved the resignation of Lisa Mazey, nurse’s aide, effective September 10th.

• Hired the following professional staff: Katie Deglau, secondary art teacher / STEAM; and Janelle Williams, school nurse.

• Hired the following District Support Staff: Lucas Palmer, Full Time Guardian; Olivia Hilty, full-time cyber / media paraprofessional; Felicia Rowley, full-time paraprofessional for BES; and Ashley Stiffler, part-time cafeteria employee.

• Hired the following extra-curricular security people for $ 20 per hour: Dale Burkett, Harold Lockard, Charles Westover, Charles Zelesky, Matthew Forni and William Robinson.

• Memorandums of understanding approved for the unions in the district to reflect the name change.

• Hiring of the following additional contractual position for the 2021-22 school year: Christian Kampas, Technology Integrator at RVMHS, and Jenley Schillow, Technology Integrator, Blairsville Elementary School.

• Approved the resignations of Cassidy Pytash, social worker / home school visitor, and Megan Rokiscsak, cafeteria worker.

• Approved the following alternates: Rachel Kollar, Kindergarten to Grade 4; Tracey Hays, designer; Jennifer Shirley, elementary reading specialist; and Marcia Andrews and Susan Crawford, school nurses.

• Hired as long-term occasional teachers, prorated salary of $ 40,000, based on a 185-day school year, with agreed benefits: Rachel Kollar, Blairsville Elementary School, and Tracey Hays, Blairsville campus.

• Recognized the River Valley Jr. Wrestling Boosters as an organization that supports the district.

• Approved for fifth grade students in Saltsburg to visit Fort Necessity National Park in Farmington on Thursday and Fort Ligonier on October 21 at no cost to the district.

• Approval of a flooring proposal for the Saltsburg Elementary School Library, Blairsville Floor Covering, in an amount not to exceed $ 13,600, paid from the Capital Projects Fund.

• Approval of a proposal from Signs of Excellence Inc. for road signage at the Saltsburg campus, in an amount not to exceed $ 4,702, paid from the Capital Projects Fund.

• Approved a proposal from T. Richards Fine Home Painting for the second floor hallways and stairwell walls, etc., for River Valley High School and River Valley High School for an amount not to exceed 12 $ 600, paid from the Capital Projects Fund.

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