BMW Group India Contributes Rs. 8 Crore For COVID Relief

The automaker previously pledged to donate Rs. 3 crore and has now added an additional Rs. 5 crore to combat COVID-19.

BMW India has contributed an additional Rs. 5 crore towards COVID <a class=relief.” title=”COVID-19: BMW Group India contributes £ 8 for COVID relief”/>

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BMW India has contributed an additional Rs. 5 crore towards COVID relief.

BMW Group India is contributing ₹ 8 crore to the COVID-19 pandemic. The automaker previously pledged to donate ₹ 3 crore and has now added an additional ₹ 5 crore to the fund. BMW Group India will use this fund to help health infrastructure and medical services in Gurugram (Delhi NCR) and Chengalpattu (Tamil Nadu). The company has also initiated partnerships with governmental and non-governmental organizations for implementation on the ground. A total of 150 oxygen concentrators have already been imported by BMW Group India. The company says the concentrators will be used by an oxygen bank in Gurugram (Delhi NCR) operated by GiveIndia, a non-governmental organization.

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BMW is providing support to the two sites – Gurugram in Haryana and Chengalpattu in Tamil Nadu.

Vikram Pawah, President of BMW Group India, said: “As a responsible corporate citizen, BMW Group India stands by the nation’s side at this time of need. Our deep and long-standing values ​​have always motivated us to provide firm support to society in times of crisis. We are fully committed to tackling the COVID-19 pandemic and flattening the curve since its onset. BMW Group India is also actively involved in critical and immediate relief initiatives such as the import of oxygen concentrators which will play a crucial role in saving lives. “

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BMW is also providing support to employees who are down with COVID.

The company has also established an isolation department and PCR laboratory at the Chengalpattu government hospital with an additional commitment to provide RT-PCR laboratory equipment and microbial detection systems to expand COVID-19 testing. It works closely with the Gurugram District Health Administration for the sample collection and vaccination program by providing mobile vans and rapid antigen kits. It has also set up an isolation service for the Manesar Police Department and in Gurugram and Chennai (Tamil Nadu), it provides PPE kits, face shields and masks to frontline health workers and patients. . The foundation also distributed meals and ration kits to people in need. In addition, BMW India has also partnered with leading hospitals to vaccinate employees and their families at the BMW Group Training Center in Gurugram (Delhi NCR) and the BMW Group Chennai Plant in Chengalpattu (Tamil Nadu) . It also imported oxygen concentrators from BMW Group AG, Germany, for employees and their families who are in intensive care for COVID-19 treatment.

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In addition, it also offers services such as “ doctor on call ” facilities, home tests, consultations, treatment and ambulance services for COVID-19. Then, the health insurance provided to employees covers medical claims related to COVID-19 treatment for independent people and dependents. Term life insurance provides financial security for the employee’s dependents as they will continue to receive the last gross monthly salary withheld for the next 3 years.

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