Authorized release of timber consignments stranded in port – Pakistan

KARACHI: The government has authorized the release of timber shipments that were stuck at the port.

The decision to release the timber shipments was taken at the request of the Karachi Timber Merchant Group and the Timber Association.

A delegation from Karachi Timber Merchant Group and Timber Association consisting of Sharjil Goplani (Chairman and Chairman) and his team had traveled to Islamabad for the release of timber shipments stranded at the port. These containers were piling up at the port, resulting in heavy detentions and demurrage every day and shipping companies charge for detention in USD.

The delegation led by Sharjil Goplani asked the Minister of Finance, the Special Secretary for Commerce, the Chairman of the FBR, the Minister and Additional Secretary of the Ministry of Food, Security and Research and a number of senior officials to rescue. They were also in discussion with the Head of Collections Customs and Collections Customs (East) to resolve this issue and they appreciated their hard work.

Importers and bureau members argued that timber shipments that are in ports and/or about to reach ports and require a valid import permit and plant protection release order – can be released without fulfilling the stipulated conditions for the reasons that, according to commercial practice, import orders are placed six months before import, therefore the application of IPO requirements can be extended in case of force major.

Goods can be cleared that were shipped with the bill of lading dated June 16, 2022 will be cleared without the import permit that the supply cycle and purchasing chain involves logging, kiln drying and processing thermal, transport by rail to the port and finally boarding the boat, which takes a lot of time; that the Department of Plant Protection issued guidelines for issuing a valid import permit and plant protection on 16.06.2022, therefore compliance with IPO requirements cannot be enforced on their shipments which were shipped with the B/L date of June 16, 2022. The group shared trade information, 224 containers have arrived and about 100 containers are about to arrive in ports where importers have not no valid import permit in the absence of an import permit available until June 16, 2022.

Considering the facts/merits of the case, the delegation asked the authorities concerned to settle the matter.

Karachi Timber Merchant Group and Timber Association thanked Minister of Finance, Secretary of Finance, Special Secretary of Commerce, Chairman of FBR, Additional Secretary and Minister of Food Security and Research, Chief Collector of Customs and the East Collector for their support in resolving this issue.

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