50% cost savings from increased Nanjing-Hong Kong flights

With three weekly flights now between Nanjing and Hong Kong, travel between the two is starting to normalize. But for some, the cargo carried on board is a crucial piece of the puzzle that helps businesses maintain operations.

On August 14, Juneyao Air inaugurated its first-ever flight serving Nanjing and Hong Kong. Flight HO1305 took off from Lukou about two hours late, delaying the return flight, HO1306, which arrived in Lukou at 8:32 p.m.

The new service means there are now three airlines operating services between the two major cities; the aforementioned Juneyao, as well as Hong Kong Airlines (flights HX216/217) and Cathay Pacific (flights CX356/357).

This is a relief, not only for passengers, but also for businesses in either city that depend on imports for the continuation of their activities.

Take Sharp for example. On August 9, the Japanese giant imported a batch of electronic components from Hong Kong on one of the direct flights.

Before the resumption of these services, products had to be imported by other means and from other ports, and then transported to Nanjing.

Turns out it cost a pretty penny.

Jiang Yizhong is Import and Export Manager at Sharp. Talk with Nanjing DailyJiang explained that the imported goods were mainly inductors, used in the production of LCD TVs in Nanjing.

Sharp also revealed that the company actually has many long-term stable suppliers in Hong Kong. The resumption of flights is therefore great news for Sharp, which is one of the oldest foreign companies in Nanjing, based in the Nanjing Economic and Technological Development Zone.

Jiang said, “The resumption of flights has provided us with a stable supply chain, saved nearly 50% of inland logistics costs, and greatly shortened the time for transporting goods to the factory.”

Elsewhere in the sky, there are now 11 passenger routes operating from Nanjing Lukou International Airport to Europe, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions. Some are returning to service after COVID, such as the Lufthansa flight that this publication reported on last week. Others, like the Juneyao Air flight, are brand new.

In terms of air cargo, from January to July this year, Nanjing Lukou Airport Customs handled a total of 29,000 tons of goods for import and export.

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