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With all the talk about canceling student loans and making colleges free, some colleges and universities are taking proactive steps to lower the cost of higher education. If Washington cancels student loans or makes public colleges and universities free, borrowers will have an added benefit. The latest statistics on student loan debt show that 45 million borrowers collectively owe $ 1.7 trillion in student loans. With college costs and student loans reaching an all time high, many colleges have instituted “no student loan” financial aid policies. “No Student Loans” financial assistance programs are generally intended to replace student loans with grants or bursaries that do not have to be repaid. “No student loans” does not mean that a college is eliminating student loans from financial aid programs. For example, some universities require a minimum student contribution or part-time employment while others require a parental contribution. This minimum student or parent contribution can be met through student loans or parent loans.

Here are 50 colleges that offer “no student loans,” free tuition, or financial aid programs for undergraduates. Is this list exhaustive? No, there are many other colleges that offer similar financial aid policies.

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